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Disorders of the brain and nervous system are considered neurological disorders. It occurs when part of the brain or nervous system malfunctions. These disorders affect the brain, spinal column, or nerves, and symptoms vary depending on where the damage occurs.

In addition to physical symptoms, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional symptoms may also be present, which may affect movement, speech, perception, and thinking.

What are Symptoms in A Child That Call for Intensive Physiotherapy?

In general, neurological disorders tend to show in the early years of development and may be diagnosed at birth. The conditions come up as birth defects or during a child’s later years. There are several reasons, which may cause neurological disorders, as follows:

  • Brain injury
  • Issues relating to development and growth
  • Infections that caused physical and psychological damages

The symptoms and severity in a child tend to vary based on neurological conditions and individuals, such as congenital disorders including cerebral palsy, ataxia or dyspraxia, cancers, or head injuries, among others.

  • Problems with mobility
  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Decreased range of movement
  • Problems with balance
  • Increased or decreased spasticity or tone

How do Neurological Conditions Affect Children?

Like I said, neurological disorders in children may appear due to versatile reasons and may have an extensive range of effects in children and on in their family. Cerebral palsy, autism, brain injury, epilepsy, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and headache are a few childhood neurological disorders.

When it Comes to Neurological Conditions, How can Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy will help the child reach specific developmental goals like crawling or walking by maximizing his or her potential. Often, exercises are used in conjunction with hands-on treatment to facilitate development. Children receive treatment based on their individual needs.

When Should You See a Pediatric Physiotherapy Specialist?

If you have pain or an injury that affects how you function every day, consider physiotherapy. Physiotherapy may be prescribed by a doctor following a surgery such as a hip replacement or a heart attack or stroke.

When you plan on using health insurance to cover the cost of physiotherapy, make sure you check with your insurance provider to make sure the physiotherapist is covered. In this case, the physiotherapist will not be covered by your insurance company and you will be required to pay the full treatment costs. At Hope AMC, one of the best rehabilitation centers for intensive physiotherapy programs in Dubai, Almadallah insurance is available for your reference.

How can Physiotherapy Help You?

Specialists in physiotherapy evaluate and treat musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, as well as those conditions that impair a person’s development or movement.

To Conclude:

Physiotherapy programs usually cover three weeks and may also extend this period depending on conditions, age, skills and deficiencies among others. At Hope AMC, the therapy sessions are available around the year and our physiotherapy specialists are experts in the improvement of children’s balance, functional abilities, stamina, and muscle strength. They have in-depth understanding of how to develop a child, exactly what therapeutic interventions can enable and optimize development and well-being.

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