What Are The Signs That Tell You Your Child Needs Speech and Language Therapy?

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Many parents fantasize about hearing their child speak for the first time. One of the greatest thrills for parents is to hear their child say “mama” or “daddy” for the first time. For many, it can be even more exciting to start communicating with their child, especially when they begin speaking with that adorable “baby talk.” 

What if they cannot communicate? Then again, what happens if they don’t utter the words correctly? Is it okay if they don’t seem to understand what you’re saying to them? Does it mean if it’s time to begin looking into speech-language therapy or not?

Children achieve so much during their first few years. They begin crawling and walking within a few months, as well as talking and socializing. They learn a wide array of skills. By the time they are 6 or 10 months, most babies begin to crawl.

The achievement of speech capability also has milestones. By 18 months, a child should know around 20 words. Don’t panic if your child is behind these targets. A speech-language therapy specialist could help your child if their language skills are slow to develop.

If your child is having issues with development, schedule an appointment to see speech-language therapy specialists at Hope AMC in Dubai. The team of therapy specialists that work with children at our state-of-the-art therapy and rehabilitation center in Dubai has been known to have a huge impact on the kids who have had therapy at our center. In a warm and welcoming environment, our occupational therapists and speech therapists provide the essential skills that each child needs to thrive and lead a fulfilling life. It doesn’t matter if they have cerebral palsy, have trouble with motor skills, or have a speech issue, the therapists have been able to provide a positive impact in achieving essential capabilities they need. 

Which Conditions are Treated by Speech-language Therapy? 

Therapy for many conditions, disorders, and delays can be provided by speech therapists. We offer services such as speech, occupational, physical, and ABA therapy, as well as homeschooling, tutoring, and vocational training, that are especially beneficial for children with comorbidity (more than one disability or diagnosis). Many of our families find it invaluable to have everything under one roof – and to be able to meet their needs wherever they are.

Our Treatment Options Include:

This list is not comprehensive. Feel free to contact Hope AMC at +971-529997075 if you need help deciding whether our team can assist. 

Whenever you have any questions, seek answers as speech and language disorders can snowball into ongoing issues, both academic as well as social. Correlations between speech issues and school performance are well-documented, especially in a classroom where so much is done through communication.

How Do I Know When to Be Concerned? 

A child who may need speech therapy is likely to show subtle signs, but it is also likely that you would notice them. If you are concerned, you should contact your pediatrician. Here are some signs by age:





How Can Speech-Language Therapy Help My Child? 

Many communication challenges can be overcome with pediatric speech-language therapy. It isn’t just their ability to articulate themselves (articulation), but their ability to understand communication (auditory processing) and communicate it.

Aside from treating oral motor disorders, a speech-language pathologist in Dubai at Hope AMC can also evaluate and treat chewing and swallowing issues. 

A speech-language pathologist first determines what challenges your child faces. It may also include a diagnosis, but a diagnosis is not necessary to treat a child’s symptoms. As the second step, they create a custom plan of intensive speech therapy for children that addresses the issues identified in step one. The third step is to develop a schedule that corresponds to your child’s needs. 

At Hope AMC, we have a team of specialized speech-language therapy specialists who can provide speech, language, communication, and feeding therapy. Visit our website and connect us at +971-529997075 to request an appointment with the Pediatric Speech Therapist today.

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