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Telehealth services, often known as “virtual visits,” with your doctor and pediatric specialists may be an option for ensuring that your child receives the treatment they require. Seeing your doctor is especially important during the COVID-19 epidemic, when you are remaining at home and straying from usual routines, to maintain good physical and mental health. 

What Exactly Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a multi-beneficial tool that can connect your child to a variety of healthcare providers. It might make use of a variety of technologies, including live, interactive audio, and video, as well as specialized diagnostic tools. In addition to in-person sessions with a doctor or pediatric specialist, these services can be used.

Telehealth allows families and caregivers to access health care at times and locations where they might not otherwise be able to. Pediatric doctors in large cities, for example, can usetelehealth in Dubai to see children who reside hundreds of miles away. Some pediatricians can evaluate your child using a computer from home, at school, or in a child-care facility.

What Is The Process Of Telehealth?

Telehealth, often known as telemedicine, is a type of healthcare that allows you to visit with your doctor virtually rather than in person. The sessions encompass both the overall health of the children as well as therapy sessions, which are conducted via two-way video conferencing. When physical distance is the norm during the COVID pandemic, this is a great way to keep your youngster moving toward their goals.

Virtual visits or video conferencing between pediatric medical/therapy specialists and patients at home are two options. It ensures that everyone, regardless of where they are, receives healthcare advice and help from specialists.

Offsite therapy professionals are available to communicate with patients by high-definition conference link, allowing patients to get certified opinions more easily online. These sessions include the following:

  • On-demand Virtual healthcare session
  • Time slots that can be adjusted
  • To protect privacy, use HIPPA-compliant video conferencing services.
  • Tailor-made sessions

What Are The Advantages Of Telehealth?

Whether you live close to your doctor or in the country, you’re certainly well aware that even routine visits can take some extra time. This is no longer an issue thanks to telehealth technologies.

When you interact with your doctor in a virtual setting, you can expect to:

  • Uninterrupted communication with children and their caregivers/families
  • With any child, there will be fewer disturbances.
  • Reduce the amount of time and the amount of money you spend on travel.
  • Faster access to high-quality medical treatment.
  • Improvements to the support system
  • Avoid exposing yourself and others to an infectious disease.
  • At the same time, you lower your chances of contracting contagious diseases such as the common cold, flu, and COVID-19.

How Can Telehealth Help with Diagnosis Speed?

The child’s medical and therapy specialists can meet with the family in real-time to gain access to the child. You may also see an increase in the speed with which children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), such as physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive impairments, are diagnosed.

Through the practical healthcare service model, a team of top pediatric medical specialists and pediatric therapists can speed up the diagnosis process and enhance outcomes. In terms of patient, family, and clinician satisfaction, ideal telehealth healthcare for children with physical limitations and mental issues can be just as good as face-to-face treatments.

What Should You Expect in Telehealth Sessions?

  • Pediatric medical and therapeutic requirements are met in real-time and with a timely response.
  • Recommendations for the use of tools in the home.
  • Communication with therapy specialists that is supportive, meaningful, and engaging.

Where To Find The Best Telehealth Experience?

Hope AMC is one of the reputable rehabilitation centers that offer the best telehealth experience in Dubai.

Our trained specialists choose which telemedicine pediatric treatment method is best for our child patient and his or her family or caregiver before we begin our telehealth pediatric therapy sessions. The therapeutic modalities are described below.

Telehealth Direct Services: Using HIPPA-compliant video and audio technology, we build up a direct interactive session with the patient. Basic joint attention, basic discriminating abilities, and the ability to follow ordinary directions are required to respond to the therapies.

Partial Telehealth Model: We arrange in-person sessions with technicians while our healthcare experts supervise from afar.

Caregiver Consultation: Our therapy professionals provide direct assistance to family members in order for them to benefit from our training and consultation, as well as to assess any concerns directly related to ASD.


Telehealth makes it easier and more comfortable to keep your children healthy by utilizing technology to offer care. Call or arrange your Telehealth appointment online today for more information or click here to plan your virtual visit.

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