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Nutrition plays an important role in the growth and development of every child. When children become picky eaters, they refuse a lot of food. Eventually, many children remain underweight or deprived of nutritional value. That’s why many parents get concerned about the health and overall well-being of their children and why they refuse to eat. 

In this blog, we have come up with some vital reasons that explain why your child has become a picky eater or why he/she is not a fan of every type of meal.

Let’s decode the reasons-

Toddler’s Growth Slows Down

As a parent, it’s essential to offer a variety of nutritious foods, be patient, and avoid turning mealtime into a battle. Remember, their appetite usually follows their growth patterns. So trust that they will eat when they are hungry.

Picky Eating in Older Kids

As a parent, you need to encourage them to explore new foods gradually and involve them in food preparation to make the experience more enjoyable and less intimidating.

Avoid Force Feeding

Pressuring or forcing your child to eat can negatively affect food and mealtime.

Food Allergies


In a Nutshell

What will be the next right step?

At Hope AMC, we offer customized feeding therapy for toddlers and growing children. Our feeding therapists and doctors have already helped a wide number of kids overcome food sensitivity and feeding disorders with the right feeding therapy plan. We also involve parents in our therapy program so that the child could enjoy his meal and touch the developmental milestone.

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