A Guide to Detect the Signs That Suggest Your Child Needs Physical Therapy in Dubai

Physical Therapy Dubai

It is very important for the parents to know what the needs of their children are. It is necessary to identify the disabilities or the physical challenges the children are facing and then only it will be possible to think about ways of helping them with their issues and choosing the right therapies. There are certain developmental disorders and lifelong diseases that affect the strength and mobility in children and in such conditions, the young ones can get benefited from the regular sessions of physiotherapy for children. To make the therapy work better, it needs to be started as early as possible to maximize the positive effects on young children and help them overcome their physical disabilities and developmental disorders. 

Some Conditions in Children in Which Physical Therapy in Dubai Proves to be Effective

Young children having Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Torticollis, spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disorders, traumatic brain injuries, gross motor delays, spina bifida, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), Hypotonia, Hypertonia, motor planning difficulties, gait difficulties, general developmental delays, prematurity, genetic disorders, chronic pain, etc., can get benefited from the best Pediatric Physical Therapy Programs offered at Hope AMC

Some typical signs and symptoms, which can help you to understand that your child needs the therapeutic care of the pediatric physiotherapists in Dubai.

  • If you notice any issues with balance, posture, or lack of hand-eye coordination in your child
  • If your child is facing difficulties in doing the basic movements like walking, jumping, running, etc.
  • If your child is facing troubles in planning movements
  • Difficulties in small everyday movement skills like tying shoes, self-grooming tasks, etc.
  • If your child is suffering from any chronic and persistent pain for more than six months
  • If the child is showing common signs of neuromuscular disorders like stumbling, waddling, difficulty in pushing, difficulty in getting up from a sitting position, trouble in climbing stairs, toe walking for more than 6 months, etc.
  • Tilting head to one side and difficulty in head/neck movements
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Alteration in eating and sleeping habits
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Crying constantly or inconsolability
  • Drowsiness and seizures

Some Signs in Babies and Toddlers that you Need to Look Out for

  • If your newborn is not holding head up by 4 months
  • If your baby is not being able to sit by 8 months
  • If your baby is not crawling by 12 months or not walking by 18 months
  • If you notice low muscle tone and general movement difficulties in your toddler 

If you notice any or some of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms in your little one, you should at once consult the pediatric physiotherapists in Dubai. In all these disorders, physiotherapy for children can have positive effects and can certainly bring improvements in the conditions.

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