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“My toddler is not crawling or sitting like others, what should I do?”- this is a very common question our physical therapists get from parents. Crawling, sitting, walking, running, jumping- all are important activities for the development of a child. Kids who are delayed, disabled, or have suffered a birth injury or genetic condition, often have poor fine and gross motor skills. This hinders their ability to perform various physical activities on their own from a tender age.

We understand, as a parent, it might be equally challenging for you to take the right step for your child and help your dear child cope with the condition. That’s why we say, never lose hope when you take your kid to the clinic at Hope AMC. 

Our highly dedicated and compassionate physical therapists have worked with millions of children who have neurological conditions, developmental delays, chronic conditions, accidental injuries, etc and helped them get back on their life track with one-of-a-kind pediatric physical therapy.  

In this blog, we will help parents understand when and why toddlers or kids may need physical therapy.

What Are The Reasons A Toddler Might Need Physical Therapy?

Developmental Delays– If your toddler is not hitting their developmental milestones, for example, crawling, walking, or sitting up on time, you need to consult a physical therapist. The therapist will assess the condition of the child and develop a plan to help him/her reach their full potential.

Birth Defects Or Injuries– If your toddler was born with a birth defect or has suffered an injury, then he/she might need physical therapy. This therapy can improve their range of motion, strength, and coordination.

Chronic Conditions– Some chronic conditions can affect a toddler’s physical development. Physical therapy can help these children maintain their mobility and function.

Overuse Injuries– Toddlers who are active in intensive activities can be prone to overuse injuries. Physical therapy can help these children recover from their injuries and prevent them from happening again.

How Do You Know Your Child Needs Physical Therapy?

Kids might need physical therapy if:

  • They are not reaching typical milestones in their first year, and these are rolling, sitting, standing, or walking.
  • They struggle to perform basic motor tasks, such as hopping, jumping, or skipping, as their peers do.
  • They find it hard to keep up with other kids during playtime.
  • They consistently prefer using one side of their body or have trouble turning their head in both directions.
  • Their walking style looks unusual, like walking on their toes or in a clumsy manner.
  • They frequently trip and fall while walking.
  • They complain of pain while doing physical activities.
  • They experienced an injury that has affected their ability to perform as they did before.

If you notice any of these signs, consulting a physical therapist who has experience in offering result-driven physical therapy in Dubai can be beneficial for your child’s development and overall well-being. A physical therapist will work with them to address specific concerns and help them achieve their full potential.

How Can Physical Therapists Help Your Kid?

Physical therapists help kids by using various therapeutic treatments to improve strength, movement, and skills needed for everyday activities. They guide children through developmental activities like crawling and walking, work on balance and coordination, and encourage adaptive play. They may use aquatic therapy, heat, cold, exercise, massage, and other activities to improve circulation around injuries and build strength. During a visit, they assess a child’s flexibility and strength, analyze their walking and running, and may conduct motor tests to understand how the child functions compared to others their age. Then they devise a customized therapy plan to foster gross and fine motor movement in the child. They also involve parents to understand the therapy and instruct them to perform these exercises at home. All this help children make significant improvement with 

Bottom Line

If your child has difficulty in meeting these above-mentioned developmental milestones, don’t panic.

Bring your child to our renowned pediatric clinic for tailored physical therapy in Dubai.

We are dedicated to helping every kid with the best ever possible therapeutic treatment to make maximum improvement with time.
Visit our clinic today! Or, book a call to discuss the condition of your kid.

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