The Impact of ABA Therapy in Addressing Phobias and Fears in Autism: A Guide for Parents

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Raising a child with ASD commonly known as Autism is quite challenging. And, many parents have already experienced the fact that children with ASD often have fears and phobias. Sometimes, these fears are so intense that they interfere with the daily routines of the child. Therefore, parents need to understand and address the issues in children quite effectively. Then, they can pair hands with board-certified therapists in Dubai who help kids with Autism feel safe and protected. 

What is this blog actually about? This blog tells you about different types of fears and phobias in children with autism, how they affect them and the role of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in helping children cope with these challenges. 

Let’s begin –

Understanding the fear and phobias of kids with autism

Many children with ASD have common childhood fears like dogs, bugs and the dark. And, studies even show that more than half of children with autism have unusual fears of mechanical things, heights, etc. 

Autism is a neurological condition that can intensify usual childhood fears or resultantly lead to unique and intense phobias. These fears can hamper childhood innocence and overall functionality. 

Children with autism may develop specific phobias. For instance, some children may develop an extreme fear of bees. Now how can parents help their children manage this fear? Well, it involves a series of steps, like relieving anxiety through laughter and discussing more bees in a non-threatening or easy-to-understand way, then introducing toy bees, or even observing a dead bee. As you can see, this actually takes time for kids to understand and accept the fact that bees are not that fearful. 

This is just one kind of scenario. But, children may have different types of fears and only certified therapists can help them cope with those challenges step by step.

ABA Therapy in Addressing Phobias and Fears

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a widely approved and appreciated therapy approach. This therapy technique chiefly focuses on enhancing beneficial behaviors as well as removing undesired ones. And, ABA is highly beneficial for kids with autism.

What happens in ABA therapy? Here, the board-certified ABA therapists implement a systematic and structured method. This is more like task analysis that involves breaking down complex tasks into smaller, and more easier and understandable steps. This technique allows children to learn and master each part of the task easily before they head over to the next.

Today we will use one example to help parents understand how ABA therapy works

Suppose, a child with autism has an intense fear of water. Now, we will see how an ABA therapist will devise a therapy plan that removes that fear gradually.

The process starts with acknowledging the fact that a child has a fear of water and it is causing difficulties. Next, the therapist will create a supportive environment. Why? Because this environment will be where the child will slowly learn to confront and conquer their fear.

So, if the child stands near a pool, the therapist will appreciate him first. This is the curtail step that sets the foundation for the next subsequent steps. Then the therapists will slowly advise and guide the kid to touch the water, then step into the pool, and ultimately swim. Now, you can clearly see, that there are many steps and one can not force the child to directly go swimming. Each step is a significant milestone and these positive reinforcement strategies actually encourage the child to face the problem and conquer it. The therapists can set rewards, and incentives or use simple words of praise to motivate the child and bring good behavioral change.

So, in short, ABA therapy is an indispensable tool that helps kids with autism to combat and conquer their phobias and fears.

Personalized ABA Therapy at Hope AMC

ABA therapy can benefit children with autism the most when it is customized as per their unique needs and challenges. 

Hope AMC is a reputed pediatric rehabilitation center that offers tailored ABA therapy in Dubai for kids with ASD. 

Our therapists are board-certified and they devise a customized and result-driven therapy plan that addresses the fears and phobias and unique challenges of the kids. We also involve parents, teachers and caregivers in the therapy plan to make sure the child receives the maximum support.
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