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Intensive Therapy in the UAE

There can be different types of developmental disorders that are found in special needs children – physiological, behavioral, and neurological. One such commonly found developmental disorder is the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This disorder impairs a child’s ability to interact and communicate and impacts the nervous system greatly. And this results in affecting their emotional, physical, cognitive, behavioral, and social health. The symptoms and severity of autism vary greatly and can include difficulties faced relating to social interactions, repetitive behaviors, and different other signs and symptoms. This condition is not curable, however, timely therapies can help. It is always suggested that if you notice any abnormal symptoms in your child, seek medical advice immediately. Visit the rehabilitation center of Hope AMC for Intensive Physical Therapy for your child. 

What is Intensive Therapy for Autism in Dubai?

Timely diagnosis and therapeutic treatment can help to improve the conditions of autistic children. There are different types of therapies that prove to be effective in autism and one such effective therapies isIntensive Therapy for Autism in Dubai. This therapy combines a number of techniques and these interventions reduce the typical symptoms, improve cognitive ability and other basic skills, and increase the child’s social interaction capabilities. 

The Intensive Therapy Programs in Dubaiat Hope AMC are a fine amalgamation of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and feeding therapy. Not only autism, but this intensive model of therapy proves to be immensely beneficial for different types of neurological disorders like cerebral palsy, developmental disorders, and for children with poor developmental skills. 

Intensive Physiotherapy Program in Dubai – Customized as per the Child’s Needs

The expert therapists at Hope AMC understand that every child is unique and therefore, to address the disorders and disabilities faced by the children, the Intensive Therapy Programs in Dubai are designed by the therapists to cater to the specific needs of the children. The intensity of the therapy programs, the duration, as well as the tools and methodologies used in the therapy process vary largely as per the condition of each child. 

Intensive Therapy in the UAE helps children to gain developmental skills in a much faster way as compared to the traditional therapeutic approaches. Within 3 weeks to one month, many children show improvements in their condition, learn the basic skills, and reach the next level within such a little time. 

Different unique and innovative approaches are implemented in the Intensive Physiotherapy Programs in Dubai.One of these effective approaches is Cuevas Medek Exercise or CME®, which is a major part of the Intensive Physical Therapy programs. 

To learn more about the different therapy techniques and approaches used by the pediatric therapists at Hope AMC, check the website. So, if you think your child needs therapeutic help, contact the specialists of Hope AMC and book an appointment.

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