Best Pediatric Physiotherapy Facility in Dubai? Choose the One That has Expertise in Using the Right Therapy Techniques

Child Physiotherapy Dubai

Physiotherapy is for people of all ages. Physiotherapy for infants, for children, for adolescents, and so on – there are so many specialized physiotherapy fields called pediatric physiotherapy. 

What is Pediatric Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy deals with musculoskeletal problems of patients who are between 0 to 18 years old. Those who perform therapy help in the diagnosis, management, and prevention of physical injuries and congenital medical conditions. The goal is to help each child reach their full potential by assisting them in functioning independently and promoting active participation in the community. 

What Do Physiotherapists Do?

The physiotherapists work within the territory of the child and their family. They have the opportunity to work with the child in a variety of situations, extending into homes, groups, pre-schools, education, and leisure activities among others. For the complex requirements of the child and the family, the physiotherapists also work with many other disciplines, including nursing, medical, social work, educational, and care staff, as well as speech and occupational therapists.

Teach collaboration in physiotherapy is important to communicate their observations, assessments, and treatment plans to the child, his parents, and other members of the team. 

Which Medical Conditions Do Pediatric Physiotherapists Manage?

Pediatric physiotherapists basically handle medical conditions, which affect proper physical movement. They help in managing motor skill issues and musculoskeletal problems in children. 

  • Childhood Disability: Childhood disability is a state of body or mind that impedes or endangers full functioning throughout a significant developmental stage or the rest of that person’s life.
  • Defect: It’s related to structural or physiological abnormality.
  • Disability: It’s related to the lack or impairment of a particular capability or skill.

Types of Pediatric Physiotherapy Techniques:

Let’s see the main types of physiotherapy and their benefits:

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Orthopedic physiotherapy involves a mix of balance and stretching exercises, massage, cryotherapy, ice, and heat therapy, or spine manipulation techniques. Pediatric physiotherapists provide in-clinic physiotherapy and also recommend at-home exercises and ergonomic devices that speed up healing.

Pediatric Physical Therapy:

This type of therapy is aimed at diagnosing, preventing, and treating disorders that affect children. A few of them are spina bifida, cerebral palsy, muscle diseases, birth defects, or developmental delays. 

Sensory processing Integration: There are five senses, namely visual, auditory, smell, taste, and touch. Those senses need to be all right in a child. Pediatric physiotherapists help children with special needs in adjusting to their environment and learning to incorporate different sensory inputs without feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed. This SPI pediatric physiotherapy technique enables children to learn to communicate clearly, walk and run ably, and jump with better confidence while writing and drawing normally. 

Spider Cage Therapy: Spider cage therapy is a fun yet very effective therapy tool. Spider cage is made of a solid wire mesh device with stretchable cords attached from the mesh to a harness on the child. Spider cage therapy helps children learn how to position themselves in a partially supported weight-bearing position. 

Where to Find the Best Pediatric Physiotherapy in Dubai?

At Hope AMC, a state-of-the-art complete medical care facility for children, you will find the best pediatric physiotherapy solutions in Dubai. They have a team of expert pediatric physiotherapists that can improve children’s confidence in making movement independently, without the carer’s hands supporting them, provide partial weight-bearing support needed for the child to balance alone and stimulate the vestibular system, among several others.

To learn more details about pediatric physiotherapy programs in Dubai at Hope AMC, click here

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