Cuevas Medek Exercises – a Powerful Therapy for Children with Motor Delays

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CME – the full form – Cuevas MEDEK Exercise was invented by Chilean physical therapist, Ramon Cuevas. What is the purpose of this therapy? In simple words, Cuevas Medek Therapy is an effective treatment form of physiotherapy. The goal of this therapy is to improve the gross motor skills of children as well as growing adults. This therapy is a result-driven therapy approach for those who have been suffering from various types of physical disabilities and movement disorders.

Suppose your little kid has any movement disorders or motor delays. In that case, it’s important to quickly reach out to the competent therapists who have been helping children with motor issues with CME therapy.  

The Theory Behind The CME Therapy 

Before you head over to any therapy clinic, it’s important you understand what CME therapy is about, how it is designed and how it can help your kid with motor delays. 

In the term CME, Medek stands for a dynamic method of motor stimulation. Now, what is it? In simple terms, this MEDEK therapy is a treatment approach that involves a wide pool of exercises to provoke the automatic postural responses from motor-delayed children.

The theory behind this therapy is very practical. The more distal support is applied by the exercises, it provokes the child’s body segments. Therefore, the more the therapists give support, the more the brain and body of the child are compelled to work and respond against gravity. This helps children with motor delays, perform activities like walking, standing, and sitting with time. 

Kids Who Need CME Therapy The Most

CME therapy is beneficial for any child who has motor delays or movement disorders. 

Children who suffer from autism, cerebral palsy, dystonia, brain injuries, ataxia, and developmental delays can hugely benefit from Cuevas Medek Exercises. Moreover, children with genetic disorders, Down syndrome, spina bifida, and developmental delays are often recommended CME therapy by professionals.

Expected Outcome of CME Therapy

Through CME exercises, physical manipulation is done. The therapists do these to stretch out tight muscles and train them. Through such manipulations, children gain certain control over their bodies and this is the key that enables them to carry out essential activities of daily living.

Once the child develops enough ankle stability, the therapists begin the CME sessions over a table and then move to the floor. Another interesting fact is that these floor exercises are conducted with various types of tools to help the child understand the concept of maintaining balance.

In a nutshell, CME therapy helps kids improve their gross motor skills, gradual progression to distal support, postural control, and balance and movements required for sitting, standing, and walking and more.

The therapists design the therapy with repetition to train the brain and body of the children to act in a certain way. 

Where to Find Help?

If your little kid has motor delays or other developmental issues, it’s important to talk to a therapist. 

We at Hope AMC offer the most effective pediatric therapy sessions for children of all ages. Our therapists are customized to meet the unique needs of the children. 

Our therapists examine the current condition of the child and demonstrate how the kids perform the exercises set for them. They also engage parents, teachers and caretakers in the therapy plan to help the kid make significant improvement within a quick time. 

If you want to learn more about Cuevas Medek Exercises in detail, visit our official site.

If you want to discuss the condition of your kids, dial our number to consult one of our certified CME practitioners

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