Expertise, Certificate, Compassion – What More to Look for in A Pediatric Physiotherapist

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Parents always want the best for their kids, no matter what! And, for parents, it can be a challenge to find the right therapist for their kids. 

Many children need physical therapy because of neurological conditions, developmental delays, certain motor issues, injuries caused by accidents and many other reasons. Finding a physiotherapist in a place like Dubai is never easy. This is because physiotherapists are only the therapists, they are the ones who communicate with the kids, assess their condition and provide the best support throughout the therapy sessions. That’s why just choosing a therapist randomly for your kid is not a smart move.

In this blog, we will help parents understand what are the things they need to check before they choose a pediatric physiotherapist in Dubai.

Qualification and Registration

Physiotherapists in Dubai must have a degree or diploma in physiotherapy, a minimum of two years of working experience in the home country or elsewhere, and membership certification to become licensed practitioners. Before you select a therapist, you need to check their license or qualification. 

One smart way you can reach out to only qualified and licensed therapy practitioners is by reaching out to a reputed pediatric clinic in Dubai. They have only licensed and experienced physiotherapists for kids.

How Long They Have Been In this Field

If you want to ensure your child gets the best therapy experience and get the best possible outcome, you need to select an experienced physiotherapist for your child in Dubai, who has already worked with many kids. 

For example, you could check if the therapist has supported children of a similar age or with similar conditions or developmental challenges that are similar to your child. A highly experienced pediatric physiotherapist is more likely to have worked with a wide range of children’s concerns. As a result, they would have a comprehensive toolkit of treatment approaches to provide the best treatment.

Communication Skill

Apart from the license and experience, a good physiotherapist should also have great communication skills. Many children with neurological disorders, developmental delays and other difficulties need physical therapy. These therapists become a part of the lives of the children and families. The therapists may also visit the kids at home, school or in other settings. For an effective therapeutic partnership, the therapist must be a good communicator. It is also necessary that the therapist have a good rapport with the kid.


Another key thing parents must look for in a physiotherapist is their compassion. The best physiotherapists are those who are compassionate about the kids and dedicated to helping them in the best possible way. Sometimes, therapy sessions can go on for a longer period. During the therapy sessions, kids should feel they are safe, and protected and are being given the best care. The therapists should be patient, understanding, and well-versed with the kids. Only then, kids will willingly take part in the therapy sessions and witness the best outcomes.

How They Offer the Therapies

And last but not least, parents must also check how the therapists will design the therapy plan. See, although physical therapy sounds like some activity-based therapy to improve overall mobility, strength and balance, the “one-size-fits-all type of physical therapy” approach cannot adequately address the specific needs of children.

The best physiotherapists in Dubai always devise a tailored therapy plan to address the particular issues of the child. This helps the kid get targeted treatment.

Final Words

We hope this above guideline helps you find the top pediatric physiotherapists in Dubai.

If you can find a licensed, experienced and compassionate physiotherapist who you can trust for your kid, Hope AMC will be the right place to visit. Our prestigious pediatric clinic only houses certified and experienced therapists and doctors.

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