How Are Cuevas Medek Exercises in Dubai Beneficial for Your Child?

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How Are Cuevas Medek Exercises in Dubai Beneficial for Your Child?
Is your child suffering from any physical disability since birth? We understand that it is a matter of big concern for you. But, you must understand and believe that if your has any kind of disability, it is not the end of the world.

Rehabilitation Centers like Hope AMC Come to the Rescue
Certain pediatric abilitation centers like Hope AMC in Dubai have come forward with this initiative and help in the complete development of children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and other disorders through various child physiotherapy techniques.

Some of the Rehabilitation Services on the Offer
Hope AMC offers Cuevas Medek Exercises in Dubai and several other rehabilitation treatments. CME® will be beneficial for those children, who are suffering from neurological disorders, such as Cerebral Palsy and motor delays. Factors, such as the duration of the therapy and the techniques to be used, depend upon the needs and goals of the children.

  • Physiotherapy treatment like CME® aim at making the affected children work on their mobility so that they can walk and move independently.
  • While providing Cuevas Medek Exercises in Dubai, the needs of the children with physical disabilities are catered to. In these therapy sessions, the special children are taught to make the basic movements like standing, sitting, and walking independently. Along with that, children are also helped with their handwriting skills, learning ability, social skills, and grooming skills.
  • Before offering the exercises, the condition of the child is first accessed and then treatment is suggested based on factors such as age, physical, and cognitive abilities of the child.
  • Children with physiological disorders are diagnosed and treated by a team of certified and experienced therapists.

Other than CME®, various other therapies like Intensive Therapy, Lego Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Feeding Therapy, ABA Therapy, etc., are offered at Hope AMC to children with physiological and neurological disorders. In addition to the above-mentioned therapies, social skills group activities, tube weaning, and school support are also provided.

Importance of bio-mechanical challenges

The exercises taught to the children during the CME® sessions by the therapists possess several layers of bio-mechanical challenges, which the children are required to overcome. The reason for introducing these challenges is to trigger active responses from the children. These exercises will prove to be beneficial to those children who have motor delayed responses. The Cuevas Medek Exercises will draw automatic motor responses from the differently-abled children and help them achieve their full potential.

For more specific information, you can consult the pediatric experts at Hope AMC and avail of their suggestions that will be best suited for your child.

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