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How Does Oromotor Skills Help Children – Dubai UAE


How Does Oromotor Skills Help Children – Dubai UAE

Oral Therapy operates on the Oromotor skills required for proper development Include speech development, muscle strength, coordination, mouth muscles function and reflexive movements.

Difficulties Found In Children During Oromotor Skills Development

The Eating process of children counts in Oromotor skills which involves the mouth muscles capacity, strengthen the muscles, coordination the range of motion. It is always required to have the strong vocal organ which includes,

  • Speech Organ
  • The Tongue
  • Lips
  • Teeth
  • Hard Palate

Many Children are born with weak oral motor skills which may suffer from many difficulties while feeding. Some children seem to be very untidy eaters, but in fact, they might not have the power to effectively close their lips around a spoon.

Oromotor disorder majorly is of two types which often consider as the Neurologic Component Disorder, one is “Apraxia of speech” and another one is “Articulation disorders”. Apraxia of speech is commonly found in children who have difficulties in moving and organizing the different parts of their mouths in order to form words. Whereas articulation disorders are the disorder with vocal organs which make difficult for a child to speak properly and learn new words. In other words, Articulation disorders include problems with sound creation and sound patterns.

Improvement of Oral-Motor Skills
Improvement of Oral Motor Skills incorporates instructing these muscles to move in the correct way all together for the child to figure out how to swallow, bite and talk. Fortuitously, there are also many exercises you can simply include at home to help developments with oral-motor skills. While creating the oral therapy arbitration program, the speech and language pathologist can recognize movements that include blowing activities like blow-pens, horns, whistles, and sucking or drinking, up-and-down tongue movements like lip rounding, licking, biting, breathing control exercises and motor-planning skills.

Always showing your child to a variety of different foods will help to bypass food jags, and maintain their understanding to various food and Difficulties Found In Children During Oromotor Skills Dubai Development their tastes.

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