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The field of pediatric physiotherapy focuses on providing rehabilitation and habilitation services to children from birth through adolescence. Even though physical therapy for children is not widely known, it is more common than you might imagine. As a result of illness, disability, or injury, children may experience difficulties with motor skills and physical development. It is therefore necessary for them to receive physiotherapy in order to regain function and improve their quality of life. 

There are several concerns that may require a visit to a clinic of intensive physiotherapy Dubai for children or infants. These concerns include difficulty balancing and coordination, frequent falls, poor posture, and muscular pain. Physiotherapy may also be beneficial for babies who have difficulty turning their heads, rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking. The methods used by pediatric physiotherapists include strengthening, exercise, stretching, movement training, intensive therapy programs, motor learning and play, and education.

The following are some reasons why parents should consider pediatric intensive therapy Dubai for their children in the future:

Preventing Physical Complications

There is no doubt that children heal faster than adults, but that is not always the case. Physical complications can result from this old way of thinking. Parents often assume that placing cold packs or wrapping the ankle in tensor bandages is sufficient to treat ankle sprains in children. Once the pain has subsided, there is also a perception of healing. Therefore, the child returns to an activity or sport before adequate healing has taken place. As a result, the risk of re-injury or a major injury increases. As a result of ankle sprains, bone avulsions or unstable joints may also result, and may eventually lead to long-term joint pain.

Treatment Of More Serious Physical Conditions

In addition to managing motor skill development and common childhood injuries, pediatric physiotherapy also offers a variety of other services. It also has a positive impact on the lives of children with more serious conditions that limit their physical abilities. A variety of genetic conditions can be treated with this method, including down syndrome, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder, hypotonia, and other genetic conditions. According to some studies, it may also be beneficial for individuals suffering from neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism. Your child might just discover a potential you never thought possible by visiting a Dubai physiotherapy clinic.

To Assist In Improving School Performance

When your child is eating, watching television, or doing their homework, does he or she constantly fidget and shift around? The behavior is usually dismissed by parents as typical childhood restlessness, but there may be a more serious underlying cause. While sitting in class all day, a child may experience significant discomfort as a result of poor seating comfort or physical inactivity. Due to the absence of ‘pain’ to report, the condition remains untreated. The result can be poor sleep quality, decreased cognitive performance, difficulty focusing, and difficulty finishing tasks on time. In order to improve a child’s academic performance, physical therapy can help them regain their state of physical comfort.

Providing Them With A Greater Understanding Of

Children will become more aware of their physical selves if they are exposed to physiotherapy at a young age. Physiotherapists can assist people in understanding how their muscles, bones, tissues, tendons, and ligaments are interconnected. By doing so, they will be able to distinguish between growing pains and injuries that should be reported to their parents. To prevent injuries and improve their performance, they will learn proper form when participating in their favorite sports or physical activities.
Please contact Hope AMC Center if you have any further questions regarding pediatric physiotherapy. Children’s pain and conditions are the focus of their assessment and treatment. Give us a call today at +971-529997075 to schedule an appointment!

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