How Pediatric Physical Therapy Can Help Children in Many Ways

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Physical therapy – a useful therapeutic approach that improves mobility, strength, independence and flexibility in children. Many children are born with neurological conditions and they need physical therapy afterward to improve their motor skills and overall mobility. On the other hand, there are children who suffer from injuries. They also benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy also helps children reduce chronic pain, manage various symptoms of medical conditions, develop motor skills as well as prevent or reduce further disease progression.

Sometimes it is difficult for parents to understand when physical therapy or PT might be helpful for kids. Or, what are the signs that indicate a child may need attention from a physical therapist? 

Doctors often recommend physical therapy when they see it will help a child recover from an injury. Or, it may help develop certain skills because the child has a certain disorder and condition. 

A child may show a few signs of developmental delays before any doctor notices. As a parent, you should be aware of those signs like- 

  • Turning heads to only one side
  • Not being capable of bearing weight on their legs 
  • Can not sit up, crawl, or walk by the age
  • Walking on their toes

Physical therapy can benefit a child with developmental delays. 

Now, let’s understand what you can expect from physical therapy for your child!

Children often learn things through playing. That’s why pediatric physical therapy involves different types of play-based techniques. These play-based activities help children have fun while also overcoming physical difficulties.

The chief goal of pediatric physical therapy is to develop gross motor skills for children so that they feel happy, safe and comfortable. There are focused play activities like- 

  • Playing bouncing balls
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Playing on slides
  • Climbing play ladders
  • Developing balance
  • Core strength on swings
  • Running, jumping and climbing
  • Walking and crawling exercises

Playing with specific toys and games to develop strength and coordination

Therapists often plan tailored therapy to address specific issues.

Advantages of Physical Therapy for Kids

Age-Specific Treatments – PT uses various age-specific treatments so that the child may develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, strength, and other skills as they age. It involves play activities to encourage specific types of movements. 

Healing – Children are prone to injuries like overuse injuries, muscle injuries, bone injuries, etc. Physical therapy helps a child recover from the pain and properly heal so there are no more further complications. 

Developmental Delays – As mentioned above, physical therapy also helps children reach certain milestones by a certain time. Physical therapy helps children perform activities like reaching, grabbing, walking, running, etc.

Strength – PT helps a child perform activities that are beneficial to the development of their strength. The activities also aid in the growth and development of the child, too.

Coordination and Balance – All children need to have improved coordination and balance. This can be a challenge for children who have disabilities. Physical therapy engages the kid in activities to improve coordination and balance.

Socialization – In addition to all the above physical benefits, physical therapy also comes with one added benefit – that is the ability to socialize. Even if a child is homeschooled or homebound, the interactions the children have with their physical therapist help them communicate with others and also express themselves.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that physical therapy can benefit a child in many ways. However, it’s important to know when a kid may need this therapy. Remember, the earlier the therapy begins, the earlier the child can improve.

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