How To Decide Which Medical Professionals to See For Your Kids’ Medical Conditions

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Parents often struggle to decide which medical professionals they need to see for their kids’ medical conditions or individual challenges relating to their physical, occupational, speech, or cognitive problems. The earlier they get treatment, the easier it is to help them. 

To ensure the best decisions are made for their children, the decision should be made jointly by the members of a healthcare team. Your children should be involved in the decision-making process to enable the healthcare members to assess their conditions accurately and suggest the right medical professional or therapist accordingly that works best for your child.

Simply put, decision-making for children should be interdisciplinary and collaborative. It should actively involve the family and when appropriate, the child. 

When to Take Action

There are times when it’s clearly not a good idea to wait to get your child help for medical conditions or individual challenges. For instance:

Body Posture Asymmetry: Asymmetry in kids is a clinical condition with a wide variation in appearances, which include shape, posture, and movement. There are some asymmetrical issues that are usually birth trauma or developmental. Getting symmetry therapy  as quickly as possible is a good decision. 

Eating Disorders: The longer a child lives with an eating disorder, the harder it is to recover. See a pediatric doctor as early as possible to fix it quickly. 

Handwriting Problem: If your child has some difficulty when it comes to writing or perfecting penmanship, or the handwriting is consistently distorted or unclear, that may be caused by a learning disability called dysgraphia. See an occupational therapist who can guide your child learn how to hold their pencil and form letters with greater ease and confidence.

How to Select a Medical Professional for Your Baby?

Choosing a medical professional or a therapist to care for your child is an important decision. One of the foremost decision-making factors is how much you can be comfortable with the choice. Prior to making a choice, do your research, check credentials and experience of the medical professionals and therapists of the clinic, make sure the medical professionals are up-to-date with current practices, and see how they are interacting with your child. 

Finding the Right Therapy Facility for Your Child in Dubai

Therapy is the most effective if it fits the needs of the specific child and family. Talk to your child’s healthcare provider as a first step. 

Why Hope AMC is the Right Children Therapy Facility in Dubai?

At Hope AMC in Dubai, we do not want our families to feel overwhelmed and that is why we have the full team of medical professionals and therapists that discuss your child’s medical condition and individual challenges. The team will advise the families who they need to see, why and what therapy approaches work best for their child and will produce the best outcome.

Child health caregivers at Hope AMC also do understand that the family has the ultimate decision when it comes to their child and that they are there to support them along the way. 

When a family reaches out to Hope Abilitation Medical Center (Hope AMC) with a concern: the family is requested to share a medical report or fill in our intake form. This step is of paramount importance because it gives us a very good idea about the child’s diagnosis. 

Contact us to get the child evaluation. 

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