How to Find the Best Occupational Therapist for My Child?

best occupational therapist in dubai

Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Sensory processing disorders, behavioral problems – the list goes on. Parents know how challenging it is to deal with little ones who have any of these issues! Emotional turmoil is on the one hand and on the other hand, there is constant concern for the kid. 

Many of the parents have already encouraged the term – occupational therapy or OT. This is really effective for kids with CP, Autism, sensory issues, broken bones, orthopedic injuries and other conditions. As the name of the therapy suggests – it helps kids perform their day-to-day operations or activities on their own without depending on anyone. These operations are like doing daily chores and mastering life skills.

Take A Look At What Occupational Therapy Can Help Kids With – 

Children with neurological disorders, orthopedic conditions and other conditions need to work on fine motor skills. Occupational therapy helps develop this fine motor skill. And, because of this, the child learns how to grasp and release any specific item. Plus, it also helps to develop good handwriting or computer skills.

Another thing that OT helps kids with is building an eye-hand coordination. Using this skill, a child can play and do different stuff at school such as bat a ball and copy from a blackboard.

Apart from that, kids need to master basic life skills like getting dressed, bathing, brushing their teeth, self-feeding, etc. OT helps children learn all these life skills and become self-dependent.

Kids with ASD often have behavioral issues. Occupational therapy is useful for these kids since it helps kids learn positive behaviors and social skills. They learn how to manage frustration and anger.

How To Find The Best Occupational Therapist Near My Locality For My Kid?

This is a common question that almost every parent asks when they have a child with special needs.

Kids are sensitive and especially when they have any special conditions, parents need to be more careful and alert. You can not randomly choose a therapist without checking his/her license and experience. 

First Step – If you are in Dubai and want to find the best Occupational therapist, you need to first ask your general physician or the pediatrician of your child. They can refer to a certified therapist.

Second Step – Alternatively, you can talk to the school nurse or guidance counselor. They may have contacts of certified occupational therapists based on the academic or social needs of your kid.

Third Step – If you get some recommendations, do your own research. Check for their license, experience, where they work and other details.

You should also visit your nearby hospital or the top rehabilitation centers in Dubai for the best therapists. Hospitals or rehabilitation centers work with only board-certified, professionally trained and compassionate therapists and doctors. Their therapists already worked with many kids with unique conditions. They know how to design a one-of-a-kind occupational therapy plan that aligns with the objectives of your kid. 

Bottom Line

We know finding a therapist can be a tough challenge for parents. There are so many things that go on in the mind before starting therapy.  

If you want to ensure your child gets the best care and support from the best occupational therapists in Dubai, visit our clinic at Hope AMC – Dubai’s most prestigious pediatric rehabilitation center.

We do not believe in the idea that – one size fits all. Every child is unique, and so are their conditions and needs.

That’s why our certified and competent occupational therapists conduct thorough assessments of the current state of the child. After the assessment, our therapists design a personalized therapy plan that also includes parents like you to help the kid in the best possible way.

Visit our occupational therapy clinic in Dubai today! We are open every day between 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Visit our official website to get more details on the therapy or our team.

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