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Intensive Physiotherapy Program in Dubai

Do you want an innovative approach to help your child overcome neurological disorders? It is your prime consideration to save your child who is suffering from several neurological disorders like cerebral palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, Spina Bifida, the Intensive Therapy proves to be immensely beneficial for them. This therapy reaps huge benefits to give your child a promising life without any interruption.

What Are Intensive Physical Therapy Programs?

The intensive physiotherapy program provides evidence-based care. These are a combination of individualized Intensive Therapy Programs in Dubai offered at Hope AMC. These therapy programs are a set of state-of-art programs that are a fine combination of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Feeding Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy.

So, Intensive physiotherapy is a recognized program. One of the most widely accepted treatments for many disorders. The programs are customized and applied based on the specific needs and goals of the children. These programs are applied for every child and are unique and so are his/her needs. Hence, the duration of the therapy, the depth, and the tools and techniques used in the therapy are not the same for all.

How Is This Therapy Planned?

Hope AMC is a highly acclaimed pediatric rehabilitation center. Intensive physiotherapy in Dubai is performed by skilled therapists. They plan for the therapy based on the intensity of the health issues of children. According to the unique needs, this intensive physiotherapy Dubai takes 3 weeks and the therapy sessions are offered throughout the year. It is extremely important that the skills the children acquire during the therapy sessions are practiced at home. Each child is kept under a different program and the individually designed program is designed for their needs, to carry out.

The intensive physical therapy programs in Dubai are completely effective. It works faster and provides a better result than traditional therapy. During the 3-week therapy session, one can notice much significant positive progress in a child. This triggers the motor skills and other developmental skills to the next level at the fastest rate than expected. Unlike a child who is not receiving any therapy, a child who is undergoing an Intensive Physiotherapy Program in Dubai can develop faster.

What Is Therapy About?

Intensive physiotherapy Dubai session is a fine and explained combination and approach. The programs are applied to individuals of 3 months old to any age. Cuevas Medek Exercise or CMS is an integral part of intensive therapy that also makes the automatic motor responses faster in children suffering from motor delays and disorders.

The Bottom Line

The intensive Therapy Program lasts 2 to 6 hours per day depending on the age, needs, condition, strengths, and weaknesses of the child. Expert therapists make children able to understand the exercises or tasks. This unique and effective method helps in improving balance, functional skills, improves stamina, and strengthens the muscles. Hence your child will be capable of doing the basic body movements like standing, sitting, kneeling, walking, etc., with less assistance and support.

Hope AMC (Abilitation Medical Center) caters to improving the overall health of your child. The expert therapists aim to provide complete medical care and facilities to children. We are a one-stop destination for family healthcare. We bring all the specialist doctors under one roof making it easier for patients to access premium medical services. Contact us andfix an appointment with expert therapists.

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