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Autism is commonly prevalent among children and it manifests related conditions and symptoms. A huge challenge is social communication and verbal speech production. Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA is a proven therapy that is the most effective treatment procedure to fight against Autism symptoms. This can also help children develop their ability to communicate.

When a child is diagnosed with autism, then intensive speech therapy for children is often recommended as the first treatment. Speech Pathologists of top pediatric rehabilitation centers explain how this can help a child with the autism spectrum disorder.

Communication impairments are common in children diagnosed with autism, speech pathologists often play a key role in their early intervention treatment.

The skilled speech therapists handle the autistic child wisely. They not only diagnose the child but work closely with the child’s family, preschool, school, and other professionals to find ways to improve communication and enhance their quality of life.

How Intensive Speech Therapy Dubai Can Help?

Often children with speech impairment lose their confidence in expressing their feelings to others like a child of the same age group. 

A Child Can Develop The Ability to Express Their Wants And Needs

Intensive speech therapy for Children includes verbal and non-verbal communication. Through this, kids with autism need to be taught how to exchange ideas with others. This is important within the family when they communicate with their parents, but also when they move outside of the home and want to build relationships with their peers.

Understand The Words That Are Being Told

Intensive speech therapy helps children with autism to comprehend the verbal and nonverbal communication that other people use. Thus the child can recognize cues like body language and facial expressions. This can also help a child with autism to understand how to initiate prompt communication with others.

Establish Easy Interaction With Peers

Some children with autism struggle in speech production and developing spontaneous or casual conversations with friends or peers. Some children also have very specific interests and find it hard to talk about other things. Speech therapy can teach children strategies for mixing their communication with other kids so that they can make friends, play and experience social success.

Articulation of Words and Sentences

Autistic children struggle with the articulation of sounds and putting words into sentences. They also have great difficulty with time concepts, abstract language, and vocabulary that depends on context for meaning. A speech pathologist can help a child with autism offering speech therapy that really works.

When to Start Speech Therapy?

If your child is suffering from Autism and showing the symptoms of weak speech production in the early stage of development, then an early intervention is better. Autism is usually evident before age 3, and language delays can be recognized as early as 18 months of age.

It is very important to start speech therapy as early as possible when it can have the greatest impact. Intensive speech therapy treatment can help lessen the difficulties that may result from this social communication disability.

The manifestation of autism is different for each child and their speech and communication can be also affected in varying degrees based on severity. The common challenges the children can face include-

With Intensive speech therapy in Dubai, some of these challenges can be tackled or maintained early on. So if you want your child to overcome speech impairments, then overcome this followed by path-breaking intensive speech therapy.

How Does Speech Therapy Work for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Several studies have been worked in support of speech Intensive speech therapy in Dubai. These reveal that, with early identification and intervention, two out of three children with autism improve their communication skills and their grasp of spoken language when they receive speech therapy.

Research also shows that the children who improve the most are often those who receive ongoing speech therapy.

Hope Abilitation Medical Center is an esteemed medical rehabilitation center offering the best intensive speech therapy for children. Find our website and connect us by dialing +971-529997075 or +971-43460066. Request an appointment with the Pediatric Speech Therapist today.

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