Occupational Therapy – How to Know Whether My Child Needs It?

occupational therapy

Every parent wishes to see their children touch the developmental milestones as they grow and learn to do their tasks on their own. However, in some cases, parents may see their kids not being able to do their day-to-day activities such as feeding, bathing, brushing, getting dressed, using the toilet, etc. and seek additional support. Parents often think things will change with time and they simply wait. Unfortunately, this never happens.

Remember, early intervention with the right treatment often helps kids get control over their difficulties and lead a life with their full potential.

Occupational therapy, as the name suggests, is a path-breaking therapeutic intervention. This is highly beneficial for children who can not perform their daily occupation i.e. daily activities because of neurological conditions, physical difficulties or other developmental issues.

Why should parents have the necessary knowledge about occupational therapy?

If you are parenting a child who is diagnosed with Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), Cerebral palsy, Dysgraphia, Developmental delays, Down syndrome, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Attention deficit disorder (ADD), Dyspraxia, Sensory processing disorder or Learning difficulties, then you should be aware of pediatric occupational therapy. WHY? Because children with these difficulties often have poor motor skills, self-care skills, perceptual skills, sensory issues, etc. That is why they can not perform their daily tasks and need assistance from their parents. 

Every parent wants their kids to be self-dependent. If you also want that, then you must take action today. Quick intervention with strategically developed pediatric occupational therapy can help your little champ become the champion of his/her life.

How can parents identify whether their kid needs occupational therapy?

As mentioned above, the best type of pediatric occupational therapy can be helpful for children dealing with certain disorders. But, for parents, it is quite difficult to identify the signs and symptoms that indicate they need attention from a therapist. Below are those triggering signs –

If you see your child has delayed developmental milestones. There are general things that most children are able to do when they reach their age. When you see your child is behind in achieving age-appropriate developmental milestones, you may consult a therapist.

Gross motor skills and fine motor skills are key to the development of movement and coordination among children. When you find your kid is lagging in the development of age-appropriate motor and coordination skills, say for running, jumping,   stringing beads, holding a pencil, cutting with scissors, etc, you should consult an occupational therapist.

Children with sensory issues may need occupational therapy. When you see your child is overly sensitive or hypersensitive to touch, smells, taste or movement, you should not wait anymore.  Children with sensory processing difficulties may improve their conditions with pediatric occupational therapy.

Children with learning difficulties have problems with academics. If you see that your child does not complete tasks, is unable to copy patterns, learn letters or has problems in conducting new tasks, then occupational therapy might help.

Another sign to look for in your little kid is social interaction difficulties. If you observe that your child is having difficulty interacting with family or friends, teachers or others, they may need attention from an occupational therapist. 

Every child should learn self-care skills. But, in case, your child is having difficulty in these skills, say for, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, organizing school bag, etc., then he/she needs attention from an occupational therapist.

Which is the best clinic for pediatric occupational therapy in Dubai?

One thing parents must understand is that although occupational therapy can help their kids develop motor skills, self-learning skills, organization skills, etc. there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this therapy. Every child is unique, and so are their conditions and requirements. That’s why parents must look for a pediatric clinic that offers tailored pediatric occupational therapy treatment depending on the condition, age, medical history and improvement areas of the child.

Hope AMC is such a rehabilitation center, dedicated to offering customized therapies to children of all ages.

What to expect from our occupational therapists?

We house highly trained and skilled Occupational therapists in Dubai who have years of experience in this field.

Our OTs engage kids in play-based motivational activities. These could be crafts, board games, and creating obstacles. These play-based activities motivate kids to enjoy learning in a fun way and complete daily tasks independently.

At our occupational therapy center, our therapists only use tailored and effective therapeutic approaches and techniques. The chief objective here is to build the necessary physical, sensory and cognitive skills of children.

After a thorough analysis of the current condition of the child and through discussion with the parents or caregivers, our therapists devise a customized therapy plan

Bottom Line

If you want your kid to achieve their maximum potential and independence in all areas of life, take the step now. 

Visit our official site or call us to make an appointment. We are open 7 days a week.

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