Help Your Kid Excel at Self-care Tasks, Daily Activities and More With Occupational Therapy

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Hello parents! So, are you worried your little one still can not perform self-care tasks, or day-to-day activities on their own? Or, do they have problematic behaviors? Do they have poor handwriting or motor skills?  

Yes, for kids with conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Sensory processing disorders, etc, it is quite common to have poor motor skills, sensory processing difficulties, poor strength and stability, proper behavioral skills, etc. But don’t worry!

You little one can excel at day-to-day activities and other areas with occupational therapy

In this blog, we will discuss the manifold benefits of occupational therapy and the best way to find the best occupational therapists in Dubai

Occupational therapy (OT) can be a big help for kids with special needs.

Let’s look at how it works in simple terms:

Helping with senses

Some children have difficulties processing what they see, hear, smell, taste or touch. OT can help kids get used to lots of different sensations in a safe way. That might mean playing with special sand or even walking barefoot. The goal is to make everyday stuff – like taking a bath, getting dressed, brushing teeth, self-feeding, etc. – easier.

Body Skills Building

OT works much on the enhancement of movement skills or motor skill development in children. This may include small movements like the fingers used in buttoning shirts or handwriting. It may also include significant movements like running and jumping. The therapist may use enjoyable activities like squeezing play dough or playing ball to enhance such skills.

Boosting thinking Skills

OT is not just for the body; it helps one’s mind, too. Occupational therapists use games and puzzles, among other things, to help people improve their memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. This potentially helps children do better at school and in their daily lives.

Behavioral Skills

Kids with ASD and other neurological conditions have problematic behavior. And, in social settings, it can be quite embarrassing for parents. Occupational therapy is useful for these kids with behavioral issues. This therapy teaches kids to learn positive behaviors and social skills. So, with continuous practice and therapeutic intervention, these kids finally learn to cope with frustration and anger.

Making Friends Easier

Some children cannot communicate or make friends with other people. OTs can work on this through the use of group skills. These help children teach how to take turns, work with a team and communicate better. This allows them to become more comfortable around people and to have friends easily.

The good thing about OT is that it makes learning these skills enjoyable. Children, through games and activities, can work on improvement in many areas without having the impression that they are working too much. It can make a significant difference in everyday life, such as dressing, doing schoolwork or even playing with friends.

How to Find the Best Occupational Therapist in Dubai?

You can ask for referrals from the general physicians. But, remember the thumb rule is – finding a board-certified therapist with years of experience. Now where can you find these therapists? You must visit a prestigious rehabilitation center where these certified therapists provide therapies to kids.

Hope AMC is Dubai’s leading pediatric rehabilitation center that houses only board-certified and competent therapists and doctors. Our therapists only offer one-of-a-kind therapy treatment to kids that supports their development. 

Visit our official website and discover more! Or, schedule a consultation today! 

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