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Tips to choose the correct seat : 

Look out for the following:

  • Spine is straight/neutral and not bending or slouching forward 
  • Pelvis in neutral alignment and not tucked under 
  • Seat that tilts the pelvis forward and allows the child to sit up straighter because the core muscles are more activated
  • Safe and appropriate 

Important tips when using baby seat:

1. Wait until the baby is ready. We do not want to encourage sitting until your baby has achieved head control.

2. Arms should be supported at the chest level / spine should not be curved like C.

3. We don’t encourage keeping the baby on the seat for prolonged periods. 

Pic 1 and 2 :  Show slouched baby , pelvis tucked behind , forward head to counterbalance effect of gravity and no core work and no free play with hands and difficulty to look up . 

Pic 3 , 4 and 5: 

Erect baby 

Straight spine

Head , spine and hip in neutral alignment 

Arms supported at shoulder level 

Head looking straight instead of dropping down

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by Khushboo Bhagwanani

Paediatric Physiotherapist

Early Intervention specialist

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