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The first thing to bear in mind is every child develops differently. A child may start to walk at 9 months, while, another may learn the same at 13 months. Children grow and develop on their timeline, and usually, it is within the normal range. However, it is depressing for the parents to find their children are experiencing developmental delays.

You become a concern when there is a more noticeable delay in the learning of skills. Spotting the signs of development delays sooner is helpful to get the medical intervention faster.

Some of the Common Signs of Development Delays Floppy or loose trunk and limbs

  • Stiff arms and legs
  • Restricted movement in arms and legs
  • Incapability to sit without support by 9 months
  • The ascendancy of involuntary reflexes over voluntary movements

Development delay can be spotted in the way children move, communicate, learn and behave with others. When one or more of these areas are affected, it might be called development delay. Don’t get dismayed if you find these issues with your children.

Hope AMC – the pediatric rehabilitation center can provide children with the needed support and treatment. The expert team of physical therapists in Hope AMC uses different effective therapy modalities and techniques for the improvement of the physical abilities of your children. The physiotherapy exercises are designed to improve the strength, gross motor skills, coordination, flexibility, balance, and sensory integration in children.

The aim of Physical Therapy in Hope AMC

Improving mobility and helping children to walk and move independently are the main intentions of physiotherapy treatment at Hope. Some of the conditions in which pediatric physiotherapy is highly beneficial:

  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Gross Motor Delays
  • Any kind of Developmental Delays
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
  • Gait Difficulties
  • Prematurity

When you express your concerns about your children’s development to the physiotherapist, he or she listens carefully and may ask you some relevant questions. Answers to these questions are for assessing the developmental delays in children. Parents’ observation is an important part of a pediatric physiotherapist’s evaluation. Expert therapists design specific programs and exercises for the individual needs of the children experiencing developmental delays.

For knowing further details about the therapy, you can consult pediatricians at Hope AMC and get helpful advice from them.

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