Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration Therapy

What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration is how our brain deals with what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. It helps us use all these senses to understand the world around us. For some kids, this process doesn’t work as it should. They might need extra help to learn how to use their senses together.

Why is Sensory Integration Important?

Everyone is different in the way they handle what they see, hear, and touch. But for some kids, these differences can make it hard to play, make friends, and learn new things. They might be too sensitive to lights and sounds, or they might not be sensitive enough. This can make it tough for them to be around other people and join in activities. 

For example, a child might find it uncomfortable to be in a bright room or a noisy environment. This can lead to them feeling uneasy or anxious, avoiding such places altogether.

Signs of Sensory Integration Issues

Kids with sensory issues may have trouble focusing and might get upset easily. Some might be very active, while others are not active at all. They could have a hard time with tasks that need good motor skills or might have issues dealing with everyday sounds and lights. These problems can make it hard for kids to feel good about themselves and can affect how they play and learn. The challenges can lead to frustration, impacting their confidence, self-esteem, and interactions with peers in social and learning environments.

How to Help Kids with Sensory Issues

Therapists can help kids who have trouble with how they process what they see, hear, and touch. They use fun and engaging activities to help kids get better at using their senses. These can include playing games, drawing, or building things. The idea is to help the child’s brain get better at dealing with sights, sounds, and touches.

What Does Therapy Look Like?

In therapy, kids play in ways that help their brains. They might draw, build, or play games that make them use their senses more. This can help them get better at tasks that were hard for them before. And because they’re having fun, kids want to take part, which helps them improve even more.

The Benefits of Getting Help

With the right help, kids with sensory issues can get a lot better. They can learn how to deal with lights, sounds, and touches in a better way. This can help them feel more confident, make friends more easily, and do better in school. Enhanced coping strategies and tailored support empower them to navigate sensory challenges effectively. It’s all about helping them be their best selves, unlocking their full potential, fostering resilience, and enhancing their quality of life both at school and at home.


Sensory integration helps kids use their senses to understand the world. When kids have issues with this, it can be hard for them to learn and play. But with the right help, they can improve a lot. They can become more confident and have an easier time in school and with friends.

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