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Every individual has an occupation, and even kids are not an exception. Their job is to grow, do schoolwork, continue learning new things, play, etc. Unfortunately, some kids fail to develop essential life skills because of their physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities. They often experience issues with sensory processing, fine or gross motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, and other similar abilities. Occupational therapy for children can make a big difference in this type of case. 

Occupational Therapy

OT or occupational therapy is a health care practice that helps individuals of all ages who have some sort of cognitive, physical, or sensory problems. 

Occupational therapy also helps kids who struggle to learn basic life skills like bathing, brushing teeth, self-feeding, getting dressed, etc. OT also works excellently in developing fine motor skills among kids and improving their hand-eye coordination.

What Does Pediatric Occupational Therapy Do?

The best occupational therapists in Dubai or other cities examine and treat children from a holistic perspective. A big part of their treatment is to determine where limitations or delays are coming from, particularly in the fields of social development, self-care routines, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive skills. The therapeutic approach of OT professionals enables kids to learn essential life skills and helps them to grow into well-functioning, healthy adults. Pediatric occupational therapy can:

  • Develop fine motor skills among children so that they can grab, hold, and release objects like toys, balls, etc. It also improves handwriting and computer operating skills among kids.
  • Help children to master essential life skills like brushing, eating, bathing, etc. 
  • Improve eye-hand coordination among children so that they can easily copy text from the blackboard or computer screen, throw and catch objects, bat a ball, etc.
  • Help kids learn excellent social skills and positive behaviors by enabling them to manage anger, disappointment, and frustration.

What Is The Purpose of Occupational Therapy?

The purpose of OT is to prevent or minimize physical, cognitive, or sensory disabilities among individuals & kids and improve their functional independence in their daily life. Occupational therapy is a highly structured, goal-oriented, tailored program that aims to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Why Would a Child Need Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy might help your child if he or she faces complications with day-to-day activities. OT can also be helpful for children who experience challenges at home or school while doing things that usually don’t bother most developing kids. 

How to Explain Occupational Therapy to a Child?

Talking to your child openly about occupational therapy is a better option than shielding him from what is happening. The conversation may not be comfortable, but taking a proactive stance can ease the process. Make a sincere effort to explain to your child why the therapy is essential for him and how it can improve his overall life. Last but not least, do not forget to reward your child after every therapy session and significant accomplishments. It will help him understand the importance of the therapy, encourage him to cooperate with the therapist, and indulge in the process. 

We hope that the significance of occupational therapy is now clear to you. So, feel free to consult with Hope Abilitation Medical Center if your sweetheart has difficulties achieving age-appropriate developmental milestones, developing fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing problems, etc. We are one of Dubai’s highest-rated child healthcare clinics, offering tailored and goal-oriented pediatric occupational therapy. Schedule your consultation now to see how we can improve your child’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills, strength, stability, social and play skills, etc. 

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