When Should Your Children See An Occupational Therapist? How Long Does Therapy Last?

occupational therapy

Playing and learning are a child’s primary activities. It assists kids in exploring the world around them, learning to engage with it, and developing critical life skills that will enable them to connect with others and complete tasks independently.

Some children, however, may have difficulty mastering the abilities. They may have problems with fine or gross motor skills, sensory processing, cognitive and academic abilities, and so on. Occupational therapy for children can help in these situations.

Occupational Therapy At A Quick Glance

To begin, occupational therapy is committed to assisting people in developing, regaining, or maintaining their capacity to do daily activities. It can be used as a preventative as well as a curative measure to assist people in leading productive and fulfilling lives. Occupational therapy can assist with the following daily activities:

  • Getting dressed, eating, and moving about the house are all examples of self-care.
  • Going to work or school, engaging in the community
  • Sports, gardening, social activities, and other leisure activities.

An Occupational Therapist (OT) can evaluate and treat your kid to help them respond effectively to sensory input.

When Should Your Kids See An Occupational Therapist?

Problems With Gross Motor Skills – If your kid has problems with balance, strength, endurance, or coordination, OT can help enhance these motor abilities. Therapy can assist a youngster in walking, climbing stairs, hopping, and other daily activities.

Difficulty in Achieving Age-Appropriate Milestones – Are you worried that your one-year-old isn’t crawling yet, or that your two-year-old isn’t walking steadily? Children who are displaying signs of developmental delays can benefit from occupational therapy.

Issues With Fine Motor Skills – Children who struggle with fine motor skills have a hard time with simple tasks like painting, using scissors, or even using their utensils.

Sensory Processing Issues – If you find your child reacts inappropriately to touch, taste, sound, or smell, this is a clue that he or she may have sensory processing issues. Different exercises in occupational therapy can aid with sensitivity to various senses.

Behavioral Problems– Have you seen a pattern of hitting, meltdowns, intense wrath, or anxiety? Behavioral disorders are frequently the result of underlying concerns such as poor communication abilities (particularly in the case of a nonverbal or limited-speech child), environmental factors, or health.

An occupational therapist can help your kid address underlying issues and find healthy strategies to meet their emotional needs while reducing bad behavior.

How To Prepare Your Child Ahead Of Time?

Occupational therapy for kids isn’t like going to the doctor and being poked and prodded and made to do things he thinks are funny or difficult. It resembles playtime most of the time.

Tell your youngster he’ll get to do some fun things. You can ask the therapist ahead of time about some of the activities that will be included in the OT evaluation so that you can tell him about some of the fun things he’ll be doing during his visit.

Your OT therapist may advise you that working with your child alone is preferable. If your child is having problems detaching from you and wants to be with you, she may have a window through which he can see you. You may find that your child’s reluctance to leave you is rapidly dissipated by the activities he is involved in. The therapists, on the other hand, have your child’s best interests at heart and will adjust the atmosphere or structure of the examination as needed to enhance your child’s capacity to perform at their highest level.

Will My Child Require Occupational Therapy For A Long Time?

There is a lot of information that can be overwhelming for a parent who is new to the world of pediatric therapy. It can be complicated and intimidating to learn the ins and outs of therapy. “How long will my child need occupational therapy?” is one of the most often asked questions by parents.

The answer is “It depends.” In terms of skill level and requirements, each child is unique. Some children may make rapid development while others may take longer. Some children have higher demands than others, affecting the amount of time they require occupational therapy.

Your child will be evaluated by an occupational therapist utilizing standardized measures and clinical observations. The therapist will interview your child’s parents, teachers, and other significant figures in his or her life. The purpose of the therapist is to assess the child as a whole and establish his or her requirements in all contexts. The occupational therapist will determine the frequency of therapy required after the evaluation.

The length of therapy varies depending on your child’s diagnosis and needs. Children with autism spectrum disorder, for example, require longer-term therapy since they frequently have issues in various areas of their lives, such as self-care, fine motor skills, and sensory processing, as opposed to a child who is solely concerned with handwriting.

How To Locate Best Occupational Therapists In Dubai?

The goal of pediatric occupational therapy is to assist children in becoming self-sufficient in all aspects of their lives. Occupational therapy services can be given in a variety of venues, including clinics, homes, and schools. The first step is to discuss any concerns you have about your child’s development with your family doctor. Your doctor will then be able to recommend a pediatric Occupational Therapist who is a good fit for your family.

Hope AMC is Dubai’s one of the top occupational therapy clinics. We have highly experienced and competent occupational therapists who have great knowledge and expertise in this field. Our therapists undertake comprehensive pediatric occupational therapy examinations in order to create therapy programs that are tailored to unique needs. Advanced therapeutic procedures and tools are also used.


We believe that the finest teachers are parents and that they should be an integral part of their child’s treatment, so we urge them to attend therapy sessions.

Click here to book a consultation today. Your child will get the utmost support and treatment.

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