What Reasons Make the Speech-Language Therapy Program of Hope AMC Effective Enough to Treat Pediatric Speech Disorders?


What Reasons Make the Speech-Language Therapy Program of Hope AMC Effective Enough to Treat Pediatric Speech Disorders?
Pediatric speech and language therapy offers the highest level of individualized speech, language, and social communication services to children in need, including diagnostic and therapy services.

At Hope Abilitation Medical Center, our certified speech-language pathologists (SLP) have extensive training in pediatric speech, language, feeding, and swallowing disorders. We will help your child develop the skills needed for successful communication and/or feeding. These skills can affect your child’s all aspects of daily life, starting from communicating basic needs to developing social skills and friendships to progress in school.. Therapeutic services to children with speech-language disorders or disabilities may be provided in individual or small group sessions, in classrooms when teaming with teachers, or in a consultative model with teachers and parents. SLP (speech-language pathologists) integrate children’s speech-language goals with academic outcomes and functional performance.

How Speech-Language Therapy Benefits Children with Speech Disorders?

Speech-language therapy benefits children with disorders including:

  • Speech Sound Disorders: Difficulty pronouncing sounds
  • Stuttering (Fluency) Disorders: Interruptions of the flow of speech that might include repetitions, hesitations, prolongations of sounds or words
  • Language Disorders: Difficulty understanding what they hear as well as expressing themselves with words
  • Voice Disorders: Quality of voice that might include hoarseness, nasality, volume, etc.
  • Cognitive-Communication Disorders: Difficulty with thinking skills that include memory, perception, awareness, reasoning, judgment, intellect, and imagination.

Pediatric Disabilities that Speech-Language Therapists Evaluate and Treat

The speech-language therapists can evaluate and treat the following skills and areas:

  • Production of speech sounds and errors
  • The Ability to express requirements and wants
  • Proper use of age-appropriate vocabulary
  • Stuttering (fluency) disabilities
  • Swallowing and feeding techniques
  • Language abilities (like sequencing events, memory, problem-solving, etc)
  • A Proper comprehension of the verbal and/or written communication
  • Voice disabilities (like the quality of voice, vocal nodules occurring decreased loudness, pitch, etc.)

Creativity in Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy – What It All Takes to Make Therapy Effective?

Pediatric therapy (whatever the type may be) can only become effective, when done in a playful manner. Any kind of neurological rehabilitation requires coordination of the child as well. No therapy approach can become until children respond to it in a positive manner.

The same implies for speech and language therapy as well. Effective speech and language therapy always involve a certain amount of creativity. Pediatric speech-language therapy requires to be filled with creativity because children learn the best through play. Children tend to be curious, and so they explore and experiment with everything in their environment, in which, they can get their hands on! Below are some methods that our speech and language therapists recommend to bring when working with a child having some sort of speech or communication disorders.

  • Use New and Innovative Ways to Target Goals:When working with pediatric speech disorders, an SLP must develop or adapt a unique method that is engaging enough for a child. Until, the method is interesting for the child, he/she will not involve in the process. SLPs usually prefer to use methods that involve the newest activities to help a child with listening comprehension like a scavenger hunt. Sometimes, SLPs also get cookies, use music, etc., to grow a bonding with the child so that they listen to their commands easily and reaching the target goals of the speech-language therapy becomes more simpler.
  • Play Games:Games usually need taking turns that is a very significant skill that many children require for learning. There is also a tone of great games that need expressive verbal skills or listening skills.
  • Be Crafty: Arts and crafts are a great method to engage children in therapy. A great activity is basically a paper plate craft. There are a bunch of ideas out there, and the children really get to have fun with it. Using these kinds of methods helps a lot in engaging a child in a therapy activity.

There can be many more entertaining ways on how you can make pediatric therapy effective. When dealing with children, it is very important to keep their nature in mind. Because, until and unless, they become familiar and comfortable with the surrounding, they will not get properly engaged in the therapy activities properly and the results of the treatment approach remain unattainable.

We at Hope Abilitation Medical Center have experience and expertise for dealing with pediatric neurological disorders. We have an environment that supports child psychology and enable them to easily get comfortable. Our therapists play various kinds of games to engage the children in therapy activities and in-between all that perform the treatment.

Handling children should always be a delicate approach. Our therapists know this and make sure that our approach yields the best results for the various neurological disorders that children tend to have.

In order to know more about our treatment methods, visit our website or call us on +97143460066!

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