When Should I Start My Baby Tummy Time?


When Should I Start My Baby Tummy Time ?
When Can One Start Baby Tummy Time?

  • Can begin right after return home from the hospital after delivery.
  • By 3 months of your baby age, the baby should work up to one hour per day; that is not an hour straight of tummy time, but little spurts that total one hour.

You Can try Some Tummy Time Positions with Your Baby

  • Tummy to tummy chest (tummy of the baby on to mum tummy trying to be his floor) this position enhances visual stimulation and eye to eye contact between mums and baby.
  • Another good option is to hold your baby on the football hold. Lay your baby on his tummy across your forearm, and use your other arm to support him.
  • Another position is lap soothe (put your baby on your leg and start to sway him forward and backward).
  • Once your baby is used to being held in any tummy position, start trying to introduce some tummy time on the floor. Talk or sing to him so that he knows you are still nearby. This will help to reassure him.

It will be different environment inputs for your baby, and it may upset him and make him cry but it takes time to adapt; However, it is best to encourage your baby to have some tummy time every day. Appropriate colorful toys and music can help your child.

The end goal is for baby to do tummy time without your help, doing tummy time independently?? Why because it helps baby to develop their back and neck and shoulder muscles needed to meet baby developmental milestones.

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