When You Pick a Toy for Your Child?


When You Pick a Toy for Your Child?
The play is a very important part of child’s occupation. Through play, they learn a lot about the environment, about themselves and about the world.
Toys are the tools of play which help them to develop mentally, physically and socially.

So, the points we should keep in mind while picking toys for our kids:

Is the toy age appropriate?
Always check the age range mentioned on the toy. If age is less than the child’ age the child may get easily bored with the toy and if its more, the child may get frustrated cause it may be too challenging.

Is the toy safe?
If the toy above child’ age, it may contain parts which are too small which may be swallowed by kids or may have any other hazards, so always check the parts of the toys.

Is it durable?
Can the toy be washed or cleaned, how are the parts and pieces of toys: are they easily breakable or can be used for long term.

Can it be played in more than one way?
It’s good to look for toy which offers more than one idea of play like a shape matcher box in form of bus which can be pulled or pushed on wheels with a string attached to it.

Do they include problem-solving or encourage movements and activities?
Toys which promote or let kids use their arms, hands, and legs to move are good for their coordination and body awareness. A child may learn lots of skills with a moving toy like kicking, hitting, targeting, throwing, catching, jumping, drawing and counting.

Do they encourage communication?
The toy which encourages play and imagination helps children to improve their social skills and build personality. Games like dressing up doll, playing with the car or a play toolbox.

And finally, question that every parent would like to consider

Is the toy worth the cost?
So, there may be bright colored attractive toys out there, but you may have something similar at home which can be used for the same purpose. Plastic containers and cans can become puzzles, or used can or plastic boxes can be crafted into beautiful organizers for colors or tin can for the homemade bank. Doing and creating things from stuff present at home will also boost self-confidence of children and them will be proud to share it.

Right kind of toy can help the child to develop and build confidence. Occupational therapist is skilled to evaluate a child’s development strengths and selecting toys that provide just right challenge

by Kriti Dhiman, Head of OT Department

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