Why Occupational Therapy Is a Must for Children on Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

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Why Occupational Therapy Is a Must for Children on Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?
Every child is precious and normal flawless life is what every kid wants. But, it is an undeniable fact that the growth of every kid does not happen at the same pace or rate. Disorders or disabilities are what make the difference between two children.

What Is ASD?

ASD or Autistic Spectrum Disorder is one such disorder that can be a colossal blow not only for the kid but also for the entire family. These special children actually suffer from sensory processing disorder. Precisely, children with Autism find it difficult to process inputs coming from the sensory organs in normal pace just like any other normal kids. Autistic kids are not apt in processing and filtering irrelevant information. As a result, all those information stack and they try to process everything altogether. This slow processing of information or sensory overload can develop challenging behaviour, withdrawal syndrome, and even total shutdown from the outer world.

How an ASD Child Behaves?

The slow processing system in ASD kids not only makes their behaviour challenging in social life but also that affects their academic performance. They lack the right filter and cannot concentrate on studies. In a classroom environment, it is evident that there would be other noises too along with what the teacher says. Autistic children lack the filter to cancel out the other noises and they accept only what teacher says. Eventually, this behaviour makes their academic performance significantly poor. Well! Gone are the days when parents of autistic kids used to feel helpless; with the arrival of occupational therapy, it is possible now to help these children. This therapy targets the sensory systems and helps the nervous system to function in more organized and regulated manner.

How Occupational Therapy Helps ASD Children?

The benefits of Occupational therapy are vast and extensive; in fact, this therapy is not only helpful for autistic kids but also for other children having developmental delay. Pediatric occupational therapy helps children to perform their daily occupational tasks like school assignments, brushing, wearing clothes & other self-help tasks, playing, etc. It is the responsibility of the abilitation center to determine which kind of therapy works best for the children.

We, at Hope Abilitation Medical Center work a bit differently that other neurorehabilitation center. Our methodology also includes proper development of the sensory organs so that the children can perform their regular activities flawlessly. Our therapists are always triggered to implement new learning methodologies. Every kid whoever has come here believes that learning and development are fun at Hope AMC.

Occupational therapists in general, promote learning, self-esteem, independence, self-confidence, social involvement, etc among children. The therapy starts with proper planning programmes.

When is the Right Time to Visit an Occupational Therapist?

We believe that early intervention is the best to treat any disorder. The above query is often made by many parents. Well! We would suggest that book an appointment with an Occupational therapist whenever you discover that your kid is not functioning as per the age or having difficulties in executing daily routines. Occupational therapy is an ideal solution if your kid is suffering from any of the following issue.

  • Poor balance
  • Sensory problems
  • Problems in motor coordination
  • Poor handwriting
  • Poor learning capacity
  • Developmental delay
  • Low muscle strength
  • Problem in maintaining focus or concentration

Before initiation any therapy, our therapists at Hope AMC carry out a proper assessment and screening to prescribe targeted therapy. Our approach is goal-oriented; incessant evaluation is a part of our methodology to ensure that the objectives are fulfilled. Take the help of veteran therapists and witness an overall transformation of your kid. We cordially invite you and your children to our abilitation center to experience the excellence.

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