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What is W – Sitting and Why do Children Prefer this Position?

The Effects of W Sitting:

  • Shorter and tighter leg muscles which can later impact a child’s gross motor skills and overall coordination.
  • Increased risk for hip dislocation.
  • Locks the child’s trunk into one position which can impact upper body rotation and bilateral coordination.
  • Delayed core muscle development because the muscles are left unused as the child is relying on their legs for stability. Decreased trunk strength and stability can impact a child’s fine/gross motor skills, balance, and stability.

How to Decrease W Sitting:

  • Redirect your child in alternative positions like, side sitting, tailor sitting or long legs sitting when W-sitting is observed.
  • Increase your child’s core strength by engaging in Animal walks, yoga poses, tummy time activities, rolling on the floor, and obstacle courses.
  • Play at the table as this requires your child to sit in a chair in an upright position.

Alternative Ways to Sit:

If your child continues W-sitting and is struggling to maintain any other position, it may be beneficial to have your child evaluated by an pediatric occupational therapy specialist to make sure w-sitting is not impacting their ability to be independent and functional in their daily lives.

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