CME (Cuevas MEDEK Exercises) – the Optimal Treatment for Movement Disorders in Children

CME (Cuevas MEDEK Exercise)

CME i.e. Cuevas MEDEK Exercises is a path-breaking and very effective treatment option that was invented by Chilean physical therapist, Ramon Cuevas.

If we simplify CME, it will sound like this – a form of physiotherapy that focuses on improving the gross motor skills of children and growing adults who have been suffering from physical disabilities and movement disorders.

So, parents who are looking for a holistic treatment approach for their children with movement disorders can opt for CME therapy. However, above anything else, consultation with a CME therapist is the first and foremost approach.

Understanding the A to Z of CME therapy in the simplest way

Cuevas Medek therapy is a method that involves different types of exercises to help children who have trouble with movements. The idea behind this therapy is that when a therapist supports different parts of the body of the child, like the arms or legs, it makes the brain and body of the child work harder against gravity. This helps the child learn to do things like walking, standing, and sitting more easily.

Cuevas Medek Exercises are a special way to help kids become more independent in their movements. One thing to note here is this method is different from traditional therapies. WHY? Because it focuses on teaching kids how to control their bodies better. The exercises help kids learn important skills like sitting and standing on their own. They also learn to move around and even change positions. With CME, kids don’t need extra help or equipment. They learn to do things on their own.

When do kids benefit from MEDEK therapy?

Children who have suffered brain injuries, benefit mostly from CME. Moreover, kids with autism, cerebral palsy, ataxia, dystonia, and genetic disorders like Down syndrome, spina bifida, as well as developmental delays also benefit from MEDEK therapy.

A child can start CME therapy as young as three months old. Even if other therapies have not worked for a child before and the therapists believe CME can be effective for that specific child, they might see improvements in stability, sitting and standing alone. 

How can Cuevas Medek therapy benefit a child with movement disorders?

MEDEK therapy is designed to train young children on core movements. Here, muscles are trained to do these movements. As you may know, movement affects the development of the brain. The chief objective of Cuevas Medek exercise is to help the kids learn to work against the influence of gravity. And, with repetitive movement, the child starts to develop better motor skills, for example,  standing and walking, head and trunk control, etc.

Here’s a practical example – When the therapist holds a kid in mid-air in the upright standing position by the ankles, the kid will have to fight against gravity to avoid falling. This results in showing balanced reactions and learning of the vertical control of the head and body.

The CME practitioner only uses a treatment table to aid the child in performing head control exercises. One thing to note here is there is no necessity for external supports such as splints or walkers in this therapy.

MEDEK therapists have observed that this therapy has helped children with gross motor delays make significant improvements with time. 

Some outstanding improvements CME therapists have observed 

Gross motor skills from the age of 4 months and up.

Gradual progression to distal support

Postural control, needed for functional tasks.

Learning movements for sitting, standing, and walking and more

Finishing Up

During CME or MEDEK therapy, the goal of the therapist is to physically manipulate the child to stretch out tight muscles. They chiefly focus on training the muscles in groups. These manipulations result in helping children with movement disorders to gain control over his or her trunks. 

If you want to know how CME therapy can benefit your child, visit our official site. Or, schedule a consultation with one of our CME therapists today.


What to expect during the CME therapy sessions?

Our therapists will closely observe the condition and medical history of your child. If they think CME can be beneficial for them, they will start the session. The therapists will give a demonstration of some exercises and as a parent, you will be able to see the responses of your child to those exercises. Our therapy goal is to develop a balance of the child against gravity,

Can I book a consultation on weekends?

Yes, our pediatric rehabilitation center is open 7 days a week in Dubai.

What is special about the therapy session at Hope AMC?

Our CME exercise is paired up with neuromodulation therapy, hippotherapy and muscle movement training to help the kid make significant improvement.

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