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Hello parents! What are your little kids doing? We hope they are doing well! For some parents, things can be a little difficult especially when their kids do not touch the developmental milestone with age. If you are among those parents, we are here to listen to your serious concerns. 

Speech and language are important to communicate with others. Many times, children may have some kind of speech disorder that hinders their speaking and communication abilities. Stuttering is one such common problem that many children may go through. Quick interventions, speech therapy, and a set of exercises can help a kid overcome stuttering with time. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are experts in treating speech disorders in children in Dubai and surrounding cities in the UAE. 

If your little one has stuttering issues, don’t worry! We are here to help!

Let’s First Understand What Stuttering Is. 

Stuttering is a kind of speech disorder that is characterized by the repetition of sounds, words, or syllables. This can also be the prolongation of sounds or the interruptions in speech known as blocks. A kid with stuttering has trouble producing a normal flow of speech. Children with stuttering may also have struggle behaviors, for instance, rapid eye blinks or tremors of the lips. 

What Causes Stuttering?

According to many researchers, stuttering may be caused by a combination of different factors, such as genetics, environment, brain structure, and function of language development. These factors together can influence the speech of a person who stutters. If a child with stuttering does not get the right treatment, it may affect his/her future life.

If you are not sure what specific condition is causing stuttering or other speech disorders in your child, you can visit the best speech therapy clinic in Dubai.

What Are The Stuttering Exercises That Can Help A Child At Home?

Teach Pauses

Pausing is as important as the continuation of the actual speaking in therapy. Your child’s therapist would give your child a sentence or a group of words to say out loud. The goal is to help them learn to take a pause after certain words in a sentence. When the kid learns where to take a pause after a word instead of in the middle of a word, your child’s stuttering decreases with time.

Introducing Syllable-Timed Speech

The syllable-timed speech (STS) is a very effective technique that can reduce the level of stuttering. Here, you need to speak with a pause after each syllable. Specialists recommended utilizing this technique for 10 minutes, 4-6 times a day, for the next 12 months. If it’s difficult for parents to use STS in daily conversations, they can alternatively help their kids practice by tapping their legs for each syllable. Many famous speech therapy clinics in Dubai utilize this technique.

A E I O U Therapy

Another common exercise falls under speech-language therapy. Here the therapists try out this therapy to help kids pronounce the vowels as loudly as possible. They also ask parents to repeat the same exercise even at home with their kids. This can assist your child in overcoming stammering and make it easier for them to enjoy pronouncing the words and feel comfortable with this exercise.

Use Simple Language

Parents are suggested to use simple language and short sentences while communicating with their children. This simple practice will help them to feel more confident while speaking as well as using short sentences.

Increase Listening Time

If you want to help your child, it’s important to spend time listening to them. Set aside some time each day to simply listen. During this time, don’t give suggestions or instructions. Let the child lead the play and show your feelings. You can also match their expressions with vocal cues. This resultantly builds confidence in your child with time. Make sure the playtime is unstructured, spontaneous, and enjoyable for the child. Consult a speech therapist for more fruitful speech therapy exercises.

Play Speech Games

There are a plethora of fun speech games that you can incorporate. You can play a game in which you can ask your kid to explain or describe something while implementing the pausing technique. These playful activities often help a kid to practice their speech in a fun and entertaining way.

Bottom Line

Taking the right step for Stuttering can help your child overcome difficulties quickly. Before practicing any specific exercise, it is always better to consult the professionally-certified Speech-language pathologists.

We have a team of certified speech and language therapists who specialize in offering tailor-made speech therapy for kids in Dubai

Visit our official website now! Or, schedule a consultation today!

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