Speech Therapy for Kids to Speak and Communicate – How the Therapy is Designed and What to Expect

speech therapy for kids Dubai

Hello parents! We know you love to listen to those sweet, broken or even misspelled words from your toddlers. Yes, that is definitely cute! But, with time, every child must learn the art of speaking, especially how to respond to questions, convey their thoughts or simply communicate with others. However, a few kids lack speech and language skills and cannot communicate with others.

If you see that your little one hardly speaks or uses broken words or has problems with understanding what others say or conveying their feelings or thoughts through words, then your little one may need little help from a speech therapist.

What Speech Therapy Treats –

Speech therapy is a revolutionary therapeutic treatment approach that helps kids with an articulation disorder, fluency disorder or stuttering, voice disorder, conditions like Dysarthria, Apraxia of speech, and language disorders like receptive language disorder, expressive language disorder, Aphasia and specific language impairment, etc.

How Is Speech Therapy Designed For Kids In Dubai

Just like physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy is also designed after assessing the condition of the kid. Meaning, speech therapy is designed in such a way so that it effectively addresses the specific issues of the child. 

The therapists closely observe the kids and their difficulty levels. They even ask parents about the past history, and other medical conditions of the kid. Many times, due to neurological conditions like ASD, Cerebral Palsy, etc, children automatically develop speech and language disorders. Whatever the condition is, the therapist carefully devises a therapy plan involving even the parents of caregivers. Why? So, that they understand the therapy and its objective to help the kids even at hope. 

If the therapist suggests intensive speech therapy for the kid, then the therapy is designed for 3 consecutive weeks – with each week having 5 therapy sessions. Each therapy session may last up to 2-6 hours depending on the needs of the kid. Now, if the kid has other issues like swallowing disorder or feeling disorders, then speech therapy can even help the kid with this.

In short, speech therapy helps retrain the brain of such people to improve their comprehension and communication skills.

What To Expect From Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for kids in Dubai generally takes place in small groups. And, these therapies are conducted in a therapy center, classroom, or one-on-one, considering the type of speech disorder.

Pediatric speech therapy involves different activities, play and exercises. Now, these exercises and activities are picked based on the child’s age, disorder type and specific needs. During speech therapy for kids, Speech therapists or SLPs communicate with kids through playing, talking or using specific pictures and books. All these are to catch the attention of the kid and make him/her interested in communicating with others. Therapists model correct syllables and sounds to help kids know how to make the right sound.

As a parent, it’s totally normal to be curious about the outcome of speech therapy. Well, with speech therapy kids learn the ability to understand and express ideas, thoughts, and feelings. This therapy also increases and improves problem-solving skills, swallowing function, vocal quality, speech fluency, school readiness skills, pre-literacy and practical social skills and more!

With better speech and language skills, kids gain certain confidence and self-esteem that improves their overall quality of life.

Final Words

Before you approach a speech therapist, you must check whether they are board-certified and experienced enough to treat the condition of your kid.

If you want to ensure the best speech therapy for your kid in Dubai,visit the pediatric rehabilitation center at Hope AMC. We only have board-certified and highly experienced and competent therapists and doctors at our clinic.

Bring your little one to our therapy clinic today! Our dedicated speech therapists will design customized therapy after assessing the difficulties and needs of your child.

Don’t take too much time to think that one day your kid will automatically learn to speak fluently and correctly until it’s too late! Make this day count! Take a step for your kid today and visit our clinic! We are open 7 days a week!

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