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Hello parents! How are your little kids? Do you see your kid is having a little trouble with speech? The majority of children learn to form words and then sentences once they start to grow up. However, a few kids develop speech difficulties due to certain reasons. With early intervention, parents can help their kids cope with the situation and take their life on the same track.

Children may face speech difficulties due to neurological conditions, hearing issues, childhood trauma, or other reasons. Whatever the reason is, as a parent you should take suggestions from a speech therapist as early as possible. 

What To Know About The First Few Visits To The Speech Therapists

First, you need to look for an experienced therapist who specializes in offering speech therapy in Dubai. It’s natural that the therapist will ask a plethora of questions to the parents about the condition of the kids. This is to identify the root cause of the cause behind the speech delays. The therapist will also talk to the child to understand how he/she reacts and what are the areas of scope for improvement. They may also ask questions to the teachers or caregivers for better understanding.

After the assessment, the therapist will design a one-of-a-kind intensive therapy program for the kids.

What Should Be A Roadmap To The Early Intervention Process To Treat Speech Disorders?

Eye Contact– Before you jump into therapy, it’s important to understand to improve your communication skills. Speech is a medium of communication and you know it happens between two people involving looking at each other while talking. You need to establish and maintain eye contact with your kid which can help communicate feelings and emotions.

For that, you can try a few activities such as blowing balloons and bubbles with your child slowly. This will give a chance to your child to meet before blowing more bubbles.

Improving Attention: Most children have a short attention span. And, you need to work on the attention skills of your child. Why? Because this will make the child focus on one activity. In this procedure, you can try to eliminate distractions, and use toys that your child is interested in. You can make comments about what they are doing that makes a significant impact. Here you can play a game such as building different towers/sandcastles with them, hiding surprising things inside them, and playing memory games. This will help your kid to focus on that specific thing.  

Copying Others– Imitation or copying someone involves cooperation and interaction between people, which is an important part of communication. Also, it helps with motor planning. You can join your child when playing and you need to copy what they are doing. You should encourage them to copy you too. Early imitation can be enhanced with multiple activities, for example, if your child builds two blocks together, you need to do the same. Then try to extend the play and see if your child can copy building a tower, etc.

Response after taking: Good communication skills involve listening, waiting, and responding. You need to try to work on this skill exclusively with your child. If you have other children at home, involve them in this too. try to involve siblings or other children. You can incorporate a few fun games such as a game such as kicking a ball toward each other or taking turns pushing a car toward each other.

Bottom Line

Taking early steps at home will definitely help your kid make a big difference with time.

You can contact our experienced SLPS who know the right approach to early intervention in Dubai. Hope AMC is one of the leading speech therapy centers in Dubai, offering customized treatment to children.

Our therapists will assess a one-of-a-kind therapy plan depending on the unique needs of your child.
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