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Why & When Should Your Child Undergo Speech & Language Therapy?

pediatric speech therapy

Speech therapy uses strategies and exercises to address delays and problems in expressive/receptive language, articulation, oral motor dysfunction, apraxia of speech, social language, fluency (stuttering), feeding and swallowing, and cognitive abilities in order to improve total communication. 

Causes of Speech & Language Disorders

Speech disorders tend to arise out of medical conditions like cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, pragmatic language disorder, hearing impairment, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dysarthria, orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD), traumatic brain injury, etc.          

When Your Child Needs Speech-Language Therapy

Speech therapy can address stuttering, difficulty pronouncing words, pitch, loudness, or quality of speech issues, and a limited understanding of words and their meaning. Speech therapy involves pursuing milestones that have been delayed and an evaluation to determine strengths and needs should be completed. It entails completing an evaluation to determine strengths and needs, as well as chasing milestones that have been missed.

Some children merely require assistance with language, while others struggle with speech mechanics. Some children require assistance with a variety of aspects of speech, language, and swallowing.

Adults may require speech therapy following a stroke or severe accident, as well as after a brain injury, or surgery that affects their ability to utilize language or swallow.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Children

Speech language therapy has many benefits for children, including:

  • Enhance communication ability
  • Enable the children to express thoughts and feelings
  • Enable them to speak understandable words
  • Improve vocal quality
  • Help grow independence and self-esteem 

Improving communication skills is the prime goal of speech and language therapy. Speech language therapists use different techniques in order to achieve the goal in children with problems in oral motor dysfunction, apraxia of speech, social language, fluency (stuttering), feeding and swallowing, and cognitive abilities. 

Speech & Language Therapy Approaches:

There are several effective, proven speech and language therapies that any professional therapists use to address speech language difficulties in children. 

Prompt Speech Therapy: An effective tactile-kinesthetic approach, Prompt speech therapy uses touch cues on the children to improve speech clarity in children. At Hope AMC, we conduct this therapy through Prompt-trained experienced therapists. 

Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Different high-tech devices and tools are used to help children express their ideas and thoughts. It incorporates both aided systems like the iPads, pictures on boards, etc., and unaided systems like body language, gestures, sign language, facial expressions, etc. 

Speech & Language Therapy at Hope AMC in Dubai

We provide paediatric speech therapy for children of all ages at Hope AMC in Dubai. Our professional speech language specialists, also known as speech therapists, work closely with your toddler or child to assess their capacity to communicate and understand others before designing personalised therapy sessions based on the child’s individual speech and language goals.

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