Overcoming Speech Issues – Expert Tips from Pediatric Speech Therapists

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Speech development and language skills are necessary for every kid. Because it helps them convey their thoughts and feelings and also comprehend what others are saying. Unfortunately, a few kids struggle with speech and language skills and because of their parents not realizing these issues earlier, it even makes things hard for those kids. 

Speech therapy can be a savior for kids dealing with speech problems. Strategically designed speech therapy can be helpful for kids dealing with articulation disorders, fluency disorders, language disorders, etc. Children with speech therapy can improve their communication skills and reach their full potential.

Take A Look At Various Types Of Speech Disorders –

Articulation Disorders – This is a condition that occurs when a child has difficulty producing certain sounds. For instance, a child with an articulation disorder may pronounce the word  “rabbit” as “wabbit”.

Stuttering is a condition where the child does not have a flow of speech. Children may repeat sounds, vowels, or words. They may experience blocks while making necessary speech sounds. Or, they may even stretch a particular word or sound.

Apraxia – This term refers to brain damage that basically impairs a person’s motor skills or any body parts. This condition affects the ability to form sounds or speech.

Dysarthria – This is a condition that occurs when damage to the brain causes muscle weakness. The child has muscle weakness in the face, lip, tongue, throat or chest which makes speaking very hard.

Speech therapy is effective for all these above speech disorders. 

Plus, There Are Countless Reasons Why Speech Therapy Is Important For Kids.

When children have problems with speaking or understanding language, they have difficulty communicating with their parents or other family members, their peers or teachers. They also have difficulty learning in school. They often fail to understand what their teachers are saying. So, they could not follow instructions and participate in class discussions. They even fail to make friends or express their emotions, and resolve conflict. 

Speech therapy can help a child with all these issues and help them overcome challenges and make improvements with time.

Here Are Some Expert Tips And Strategies For Parents Who Are Considering Speech Therapy For Their Child –

Be Patient and Encouraging – Speech therapy may take time and effort. Be a part of the therapy session and understand the therapy and its objectives. Be patient and encouraging. Praise your kid for their efforts, even if they do not always get it right.

Make It Joyful – Speech therapy should be like therapy to your child. It should be fun-based activities they love to be involved in. If they are not enjoying themselves, they will lose interest.

Be Consistent: Make sure your child practices speech therapy techniques repeatedly or more on a regular basis. The more they practice, the better the result will be.

Sing Songs  – Singing is a very effective way to practice making different sounds. You can sing popular children’s songs that your child knows. And, after that, you can find new songs that can help your kid utter specific words or make particular sounds. You can talk to the therapist about this.

Read Books – Reading books is another way to help your child learn new words or understand the concept of grammar. You can read story books, adventure books, rhymes or any other books that fall under the children’s category. Consult your therapists to pick the best books.

Play Games – There are countless games to play with your child at home. These games help them practice their speech skills. For example, puzzle games are good for them to learn about sequencing and problem-solving. Matching games can help them enhance their vocabulary and understand different categories.

Talk to Your Child – This is the ultimate weapon. Even if your children do not respond, you need to constantly put effort to encourage them to communicate.  You can talk to them about everything, like what you make for dinner or how your day went, or even what you think. The more you talk to your child, the more you will be interested to learn more. You can ask them questions while you talk, or ask about their opinions. Like – did you like the food? What are you doing, baby? Isn’t this your favorite toy? Would you love to have one more strawberry? The list goes on….

Bottom Line

There are different techniques, activities and exercises involved in speech therapy. If you want your child to receive one-of-a-kind therapy with the best care, reach out to our clinic at Hope AMC.

We provide customized speech therapy for kids in Dubai that addresses their specific speech and language problems. We have board certified and experienced therapists and doctors who have already worked with kids with similar conditions.

So, don’t wait! Book a consultation today! Or, visit our official website!

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