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Speech and language development in children happens quite quickly! In about two to three years, a baby transitions from cooing to sentence-level speech. Watching it is very exciting and enjoyable. But because language development happens so quickly, your children might lag behind just as quickly.

Continue reading if you’re concerned that your child isn’t making progress and want to know the ideal age or appropriate period for speech treatment. This article explains milestones, why they’re important, what to do if your child doesn’t reach them, how to determine when speech treatment is necessary and how to find the best clinic for speech-language therapy in Dubai.

Why Should Parents Concern about Speech and Language Milestones?

How can we tell if a child is developing their language appropriately? We employ benchmarks: Skills or actions that 90% of kids normally display within a certain age range. While it’s vital to be aware of milestones, we don’t want to stress ourselves out over them.

There are developmental benchmarks for pretty much everything. Growth, physical development, literacy, and yes, speech and language are only a few examples. If your child does not make any sound, stammer, or has other medical conditions, you should consult your general physician first. Early intervention often helps children recover from speech and language difficulties.

When To See A Speech and Language Therapist?

The earliest you can get your child a speech and language evaluation is when you first realize that they aren’t reaching communication milestones. We are aware that for some parents, the thought of speech therapy can sound and feel a little frightening.

Your speech-language pathologist will get to know you and your kid during an evaluation. They will determine which of your child’s communication abilities are the strongest and which may require more development. Additionally, they’ll keep kids entertained and interested by doing it all in a kid-friendly manner.

At What Age Does A Child Start Speech Therapy?

The ideal age for speech therapy is when your child first begins to lag behind or when you discover they aren’t reaching developmental goals. Starting therapy is never too early or late.

Around 18 months of age, referrals for speech and language evaluations are frequently made for infants who are not speaking at all. However, it is undoubtedly feasible for kids to begin earlier. Therapy for newborns who were born with a handicap is frequently initiated. Additionally, kids may begin when they are older! Sometimes the beginning of preschool or school sheds light on potential issues that no one may have previously seen.

How Can you Help Your Child Build A Communication Skill at Home?

Here are five techniques to foster fundamental communication skills in your children at home.

Read books together

A child with speech and language issues may find it challenging to express his or her views to others. Encourage your youngster to name objects and read-aloud words while you read to them. This improves your child’s oral and written communication abilities.

Describe Your Setting

It’s critical to speak with your youngster frequently during the day. Describe your shared hobbies and the items that make up your surroundings.

Utilize a Range of Words

Your child’s learning process is sparked when you describe things using a range of words. Without the assistance of a pediatric neurologist, your child can practice and develop their speaking talents by naming colors in both your major language and a second language.

Make Loud Music

Singing could be an option if your child struggles to talk due to a medical problem. They can use and exercise their voice in a therapeutic way when you and your child sing songs together.

Emphasize on Signs

You can encourage your child’s language development by using sign language when you talk to them or name objects. Children who are deaf must take this stage, but it can also be beneficial for kids who are having trouble communicating for other reasons.

How Can I Tell Whether My Child Needs Speech Therapy?

Your healthcare professional will advise a few preliminary exams if they have reason to believe that you or your child has a speech disorder. These examinations will assist in identifying the root reason. For instance, if your child has problems speaking, your doctor will determine whether a speech condition or a hearing issue is to blame. Your child’s healthcare physician will probably recommend a speech-language pathologist if the hearing test results show that your youngster is hearing-impaired. Some kids get huge benefits from intensive speech therapy programs.

List of Speech Disorders

  • Dysarthria
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Speech Sound Disorders
  • Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Voice

List of Language Disorders

  • Preschool Language Disorders
  • Selective Mutism
  • Disabilities in Learning (Reading, Spelling, and Writing)

Where to Find the Best Speech and Language Therapy?

Hope AMC is one of the leading pediatric rehabilitation centers that work with the world’s renowned and experienced therapists and doctors. We offer various types of therapies such as speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, ABA therapy, and more!

We treat children with different types of speech disorders in children in Dubai. After analyzing the current condition of the child, we suggest the right therapy plan. We also educate parents to help their kids improve even at home.

Click here to schedule a free consultation with our speech and language therapists!

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