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When a child is experiencing growth development, it can be difficult to determine if orthopedic treatment is needed. There can be underlying causes behind symptoms. Many orthopedic problems that occur in childhood are temporary, but it can be hard to know when additional treatment may be necessary. Pediatric orthopedic treatment may be necessary for parents who notice persistent musculoskeletal problems. 

Young children commonly suffer from two types of orthopedic problems. When a child first learns to walk, these habits can lead to irregular walking.

Running or walking with the toes turned inward is known as intoeing. Intoeing usually corrects itself around the age of 8 in most children, however, if it persists, a brace or other orthopedic treatment may be required. An inward twisting of the thigh bone or an inward twisting of the shin bone can cause intoeing. It can be caused by metatarsus adductus, tibial torsion, or femoral anteversion. In some cases, casts are used, braces are used, or bones are reset through surgery.

In children and toddlers suffering from childhood obesity, bowleggedness, or genu varum, is more common. When a child’s feet are placed together, there will be a noticeable gap between their legs. Bowed legs usually straighten out as the child grows. 

In the case of a child with a more bowed leg than the other, or if the bowing is more severe than usual, orthopedic treatment may be needed. Furthermore, bowleggedness may indicate flaunt’s disease or rickets, which are more serious conditions. An x-ray is often taken after the child turns three years old to detect this condition. It is possible for bowing to become permanent if it is not treated. Depending on the underlying cause, bracing, medication, or surgery are all possible treatments.

The symptoms should be reported to a pediatrician if they appear to be more serious than usual. We treat patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions and diseases at Hope AMC Clinic in Dubai. Our team of highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable Pediatric Orthopedic doctors at our children’s orthopedic clinic provides complete pediatric orthopedic care. Patients who come to us are looking for help to get back on their feet, back to work, back in the game, and back to living again. 

Expert pediatric orthopaedists at Hope AMC Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic in Dubai assess, diagnose, manage, and treat children with spine disorders, foot and ankle problem, knee pain, hip disorders, shoulder and elbow problems, bone and soft tissue tumors, bone cancer or sarcoma, and so forth, using advanced multidisciplinary approaches. In addition to medications, interventional pain management, surgical procedures, and physical therapy, we offer a full range of treatment options.

Contact us now if your child is suffering from fragile bone health and you are looking for pediatric orthopedics Dubai

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