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Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

There are many health conditions that require the use of orthosis. Those can be foot pronation, foot supination, leg and foot spasticity, hip dysplasia, foot and ankle malalignment, severe metatarsus adductus, tibial torsion, or clubfoot. For all these conditions, orthotic devices are used to control instabilities in the knee and lower limb by maintaining proper alignment and controlling motion.

Broken bones, arthritic joints, hyperextension of the knee, muscle weakness, and/or paralysis can be the causes of those instabilities. As there are many different reasons one may need to utilize knee ankle foot orthosis braces, there are many different designs for those braces based on necessity. 

Designed to assist with a wide range of injuries and conditions, knee ankle foot orthosis braces serve two purposes mainly. First, they alleviate pressure and pain and help keep the upper body stabilized to prevent any injury from happening, thereby ensuring secure recovery. Secondly, these tools are great to help and improve the body’s functionality and recovery. 

Made of flexible plastic and extend from the bottom of the foot to the top of the thigh, Knee ankle-foot orthosis braces are worn by children and adults. 

Benefits of Wearing KAFO Braces:

  • Give stability
  • Increase mobility and independence
  • Correct or accommodate a deformity
  • Provide for proper musculoskeletal alignment

Different Types of Orthotic Braces

Based on the analysis of the health conditions and needs of your child or an adult, orthotics and prosthetics therapists will determine what knee ankle-foot orthotic will be the most beneficial for your child. 

Foot orthotics:

In orthotics and prosthetics, these are known as inserts and are placed inside of the shoe. They can be rigid or soft and can be custom-made or fitted. 

Knee orthotics:

Pediatric physical therapists advise wearing this type of brace to support the knee. It goes from above the knee to below the knee. 

Ankle-foot orthotics

Designed in L shape and made out of metal, carbon fiber, or plastic, these braces can control both the foot and ankle joint and go up to the mid-calf area. 

Knee-Ankle orthotics

Pediatric physical therapists advise these braces for stabilization of the knee, ankle, and foot.

The goal is to help a child or a person to not only stand and walk better but also to aid in the psychological adaptation to the devices. 

At Hope AMC, pediatric physical therapy specialists try to get involved with the children patient in a way that they can feel at home immediately they come to the special state of the art Orthotics and Prosthetics clinic in Dubai UAE

Earn the child’s trust. Our physical therapists will go a long way from the very outset to earn the child’s trust so that the bracing process doesn’t make them feel at all anxious.

Talk to the child and parents and allow them to talk to each other. Our orthotists and child’s parents and child keep making the environment so fun that child likes it and include the child into the environment to confirm what their feelings are and to answer any questions they may have no matter how small or even off-topic they might be.

Give children a distraction to keep them from being anxious or bored. The children or the patients should not be feeling bored at all. Let them access the Internet to play the child’s favorite cartoons or shows, for example. It will keep them happily occupied while working through parts of the assessment and casting or imaging process. 

Consult the Best Physical Therapists for KAFO in Dubai UAE 

At Hope AMC, our goal is not only to help the child or patient to wear, stand and walk independently but also to get used to the keep ankle-foot orthosis braces. In the long run, it will make them comfortable. Our certified professionals (doctors, physical therapists, orthotists, and prosthetists) diagnose, design, tailor-make, and manufacture all types of orthotics, and prosthetics tools. 

Hope AMC offers the best consultation, rehabilitation, and knee ankle-foot orthosis products

Contact Hope AMC for a range of orthotics and prosthetics. 

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