Blowing Bubbles: Encourage Your Child’s Speech and Language Development Through Play

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Blowing bubbles is not just a fun activity. It can also be used as an effective tool to encourage your child’s speech and language development. Surprised? Let’s find out more!!

Kids love to blow bubbles, pop them, watch them float, and step on them repeatedly. Well, their fascination with bubbles can be utilized to hold their attention. The same also helps to engage or calm down a fussy child.

The leading charitable organization, The Hanen Centre, considers bubbles the “people toy” as kids can operate them only with assistance. So, thanks to bubbles, parents get the opportunity to interact with their children. Children, on the other hand, get a purpose or reason to communicate because bubbles are engaging. 

Continue reading to learn about the different ways that you can exercise with bubbles to promote your child’s language development.

Five Ways to Use Bubbles for Language Development and More

Below is a comprehensive list of the top 5 scientifically proven ways to promote language development among children.

  1. Bubbles can be used to motivate a child to make a request. First of all, blow some bubbles in front of your child. After that, screw the lid on the tight of the bubble blower and give it to your child. Now wait for his reaction. If he hands the blower back to you for help after making some unsuccessful effort to open it, he has just made a request.
  1. In continuation of the above point, when a child hands the blower back to open, use the scenario to teach him the sign to open. Meanwhile, you can also teach him the sign for more, please, again, etc., while keeping him engaged in bubble-blowing.
  1. Many speech and occupational therapists in Dubai engage children through bubble-blowing activities and watch for their keenness to more bubbles. This simple activity promotes eye contact.
  1. Parents and therapists often use bubbles to teach a child words like more, pop, fun, bubbles, please, etc.
  1. Blowing bubbles is also considered a good exercise for the mouth as it positions and strengthens the tongue required to produce sound from the back of the mouth. Therefore, kids master the technique of producing “k,” “g,” and “ng” sounds correctly by blowing bubbles.

We hope the different ways of using bubbles to motivate a child and fuel his language development are clear to you. Kindly note that this activity’s benefits go far beyond the ones mentioned above. For example, blowing longer streams of bubbles reinforces abdominal muscles and helps control the breath for speech. Most importantly, we must use bubbles to play with kids as it is an enjoyable activity for them. 

Despite indulging in bubble-blowing, some kids fail to make gestures, learn words, pronounce alphabets, etc. Seeking help from an expert speech therapist in such a scenario is recommended. 

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